Hey guys. I'm an undergrad business major and for my entrepreneurship class we have to create a startup business all semester long in an industry we think could be disrupted. I chose the dating industry, because I think dating sites aren't really for the masses and could be improved. But I haven't chosen what business idea yet and I'm leaning towards one that helps men meet and attract women, not vice versa.

I need to do a paper on a problem hypothesis (basically an issue someone has) and then a solution (the business idea that people pay for to solve the problem). I was thinking about two ideas. The first was a text service that would distribute quick openers for guys who need some inspiration either for day-game, texting, etc. Basically, a guy would text the service and be charged a small fee like .50 cents and receive an opener. For a larger fee, if he didn't know how to respond to a difficult text or Sh1t Test, he could e-mail a recent text conversation and receive a custom response from an expert PUA.

The second idea would be for PUAs who are very busy. For guys who travel and are busy who practically outsource everything in their life, what about outsourcing opening as well? What I mean by that is a guy would give his username/password of the dating sites he belongs to and maybe even his Facebook. Then describe his ideal woman and where her location would be. Then someone from the service will contact women of his taste using his profile and have the initial short conversation. Maybe even be able to get a phone number out of it. Then the guy receives an e-mail with the successful response's profile link, conversation transcript and girl's phone number.

I want to build a website/service that adds value for PUAs, not just another ebook in an industry full of many ebooks. Could you answer some of my questions below and possibly add any input?

1.) What are some of the biggest problems you face as a PUA/future PUA?

2.) If you could change anything about meeting/attracting girls, what would it be?

Thank you so much for your help!!