So before going to the club last weekend, I went walking around Waikiki Strip. For those of you who haven't been there, it's a long road along the beach that, at night, have street performers, hookers, tourists, and souvenir shops all around. SO, what I did was buy 4bracelets (4 for $5 ~ not bad considering how nice they were and simple to takeoff/puton).

SHAWTY.So I put them in my back pocket and wore one. I went up to one girl that I met the week before and had a conversation with her. Before leaving, I take the bracelet off and tell her AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THIS, I CAN TRACK YOU WHEREVER SO YOU'LL NEVER BE LOST. DON'T LOSE IT! IT'S STILL MINE! I WANT IT BACK LATER! She loved it ~ she's probably gonna have it on the next time I see her HAHA!

YUMMY. So I move to the dancefloor while pulling another one out of my pocket and putting it one. I bump into another girl I met last weekend and we dance, kinokinokino, makeout, and move outside to sit on the comfy-chairs. We sit, we talk, and before we go back to the dancefloor, I take off my bracelet and tell her I WANT YOU TO HOLD ON TO THIS. IT MEANS A LOT TO ME, SO DON'T LOSE IT. IT'S STILL MINE! I WANT IT BACK LATER! She loved it ~ she's gonna have it on too HAHA!

So we split for a bit, and I put on another bracelet. I go walking around the club for a bit and bump into YUMMY. She sees the bracelet and is like "OH, THAT'S THE SAME AS THIS ONE?" She had a heavy foreign accent so I just nodded my head and danced with her.

It's obvious where I got that one from, but if you must know it's from "The Game." Cheap bracelets + Justifiable meaning = Best gift in the world! I mean, who gets a gift IN A CLUB?? HAHA