Trying to Freeze Out this girl hardcore. Used to talk every day stopped doing that because I lost my clinginess (thank god) and am now playing it cool and a completely new PUA. Anyways she texted me a week ago about having to wax her Dad's car looking for my care. I just said have fun with that I gotta go. She didn't text me for a week and did today. So far I have ignored it because it was a pathetic text for attention and I know she is only texting me because she is bored now and not with her "unofficial guy". Here is the text she sent:

" Hey sweetheart what are you up to? Want to hangout with me tonight?"

So far I have ignored it but feel like she might just make some excuse in her head like "oh he's sleeping or his phone is dead" I want her to KNOW I don't really give a fuck about her anymore (even though I do still want to fuck her and feelings could always still arise who knows) Granted in a few days once I don't reply she will probably figure it out unless she is really hopeless and puts the idea in her head that I broke my phone.


I was told that a one liner or completely changing the topic would throw her off as well and bring her closer to me. Such as "nah I'm good" "can't busy" "can't with someone right now" "just got home (when it's really late like it is right now" or just something like "it sucks outside huh?"