I've sensed it lately, and it was true, I was falling off. Partially due to a work-life balance that was overcoming me, and a sidetrack through my brief 'stint' at online dating. I'm over that mostly i'd say- but don't quote me there lol.

Right around the time I was getting deep into online dating, is when my work schedule changed. So I was managing around 3 to 5 girls a week online, with an average of 10-14 days to meetup and date (I didn't actually track these stats lol, just relative). I dated a cougar, and a couple foreign 'smarty' type of girls. 2 of the girls I had 2 dates. Wow, that is amazing, if u live in a cave for most of the year. I am pleased I did ok with that as a whole in 3 months, but I'm not relying on it! It was good to find that connection online, but it's so time consuming too, moving from email, to text, to talk, to date, and then you don't know. It's a chance whatever.

Point is, my work schedule flipped me around, and right when I was getting all these online dates is when I realized my work-life balance was went off. I work long days at my job, 12 hours, which is 3-4 days a week. I used to have Thurs Fridays and Saturdays off, now the opposite mostly. So when I made that switch, it totally threw me off with game, and I felt like I was missing my social life for the past month. So letting my online dating profile fizz out was good for me.. so I could force myself into action!

I went out tonight, on a Sunday, which is sorta my Friday now I guess, and felt recharged. Mostly thanks to the NFL for returning ha, which gives a reason to get loud and socialize.

I wasn't all there, but I felt the returning thoughts, actions, and senses of a PUA. Crazy right? No, I had been missing it. I knew it was slipping before, but I knew it was ready.
So I first AMOG'ed 3 dudes at the bar, got them to move down a spot so I could sit next to my buds. HB bartender noticed, and I cold-read her a bit too. Got served well haha; I was cool with those dudes too. Social spring back!

Anyways PUAS, you gotta know where your balance is.
I had to spout, cuz i had a month or two of mostly no game besides online, and I have to move past it. My work schedule at this company won't be normal as it is, but I can find the right days to stay on my pua skills.
Just glad to get it back a bit, and lookin forward.

Game on!