A friend and I developed a game called Artificial Intelligence. It is designed to improve perceived social value. I date a lot of random chics on pof.com and sometimes within my inner circle. When ever the girl is someone I think is going to be hard to game or one I'm simply trying to impress I will call out A.I. to my best friend. What this translates to is .....in say 34 minutes I'll be sitting with this girl at a restaurant/coffee shop/ park etc and for the next hour and half or so I want you to sporadically send me text msgs. I sit down moments later my friends texts start blaring through and I of course, don't even acknowledge the texts. I always wait for my date to say something stupid like, "wow you're popular" or "aren't you gonna see who that is"

Part B of A.I. is awesome. I always have my friend send a random msg that he knows I'll laugh at genuinely. When I finally look down at the text I always blurt out authentic (I'm too cool for school) laughter. LOL it is but a tool to put in your tool belt it certainly isn't meant to hook a girl completely. It's purpose is to spice your perception up a bit.

I find that this helps a lot. And a final note to the community. I was divorced a year and a half ago. I was in a ten year relationship from freaking high school! You can imagine how scarey the real world dating scene can be as adults when you're thrown in it like I was. The community was there to catch me and now (even though I improve my game everyday) I am finally sleeping with 2 girls in the same week.

Hey maybe that's not a lot to you Casanovas in here!! but to me I owe homage to the community, you people that are here for me where it counts. We don't know each other on a personal level but we're all in the same boat trying to get better! Any time I think something up I'll gladly post it.

Christian Hudson was very inspirational to me on a video I watched a while back where he spoke on spirituality. Guys it's not just about pua it's about your entire existence. Start bettering your life anyway you can. It will improve your game tremendously. It did for me! Good Luck and keep Kiss and F closing gents.