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Thread: Where I'm At - Cody

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    Default Re: Where I'm At - Cody

    Lol. I love you, Bandit. I used to be super soft, as I assume most of us probably were. But now that I've realized people don't change unless you're hard on them (whether they do or don't is still entirely up to them. The shock factor just makes them truly think on it), I've become a hard-ass. There are pros and cons obviously as with anything, and one of the cons is that nobody is willing to dish it back to you (kind of like negging a HB). More often than not that's what I need. This world is full of people looking for someone to follow. I can be that; I've become that, but as much as I like to smack people to get their sh*t straight, sometimes I need smacked back. Thank you.

    I know how to be happy with very little, I suppose I just...sold out. Sold out to something that, like Virgil said, may not be realistic. Or it could be realistic if I will it to be, but what's the point of money if you don't get to use it? I always end up dating rich girls. By rich I mean millionaires, which is saying a lot in Iowa. Their fathers take them on vacations, but they work so hard to go on vacation--from work. I don't want that life.

    Thank you all. I can be thick as you're all probably well aware, and it takes awhile to get something through to me; to sink in.

    And I'm sorry for being a whiny little b*tch.

    [Edit: Oh, and I almost forgot. I can say that a buddy and I are going to make t shirts and sell them on campus. Mostly Northern Iowa college specific, but I'm going to want to make a few Peacock ones. If and when we do I'll let you guys know. We have some funny ideas.]
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    Default Re: Where I'm At - Cody

    Quote Originally Posted by xavier View Post
    This isn't the first time u're struggling with this. u wanna know a secret i do to.
    U're right a degree is just for show and it's u're drive that will get u things but still u need to get it. Think of it as a safety net that's what i do. Plus, this is u're last year isn't it? it's not worth dropping out.
    As for the girls, I met a girl, an NDR, a week ago and she's forcing me to care about her i don't know how she's doing it. I'm the guy that always says don't loose focus and don't let infatuation get the best of you somehow i'm not able too but let's not make it about me. U will meet a girl like that i promise.
    As for the money, i thank God that it's not that big of a problem for me but i wouldn't mind getting filthy rich.
    What kind of buisness ideas do u have?
    Just an update on the ndr, i kissed her and don't want her anymore. when i analysed the situation after the kiss i realised that i made an error i showed intrest b4 she did good thing i knew how to turn the tables
    "The world will never change much less become what you want it to be. The only thing that can change is you. Face your fears, grow stronger and become what you want to be."

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