Got these laws from the book 48 laws of power and translated them to a PUA meaning. Took a few hours but let me know what you guys think.

1.Never Outshine the Master
On your quest to becoming a great PUA donít step on AMOGs of your group. Keep them comfortably where they are and donít reveal your goals and you will rise above them.

2.Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends, Learn How to Use Enemies
Donít often game around friends with far lesser skill than you they will become envious of you and talk bad about you behind your back. When sarging go with competition and you will build off each other and become better.

3.Conceal Your Intentions
Donít allow your group to know what youíre thinking. Keep an air of mystery and when your plans unfold theyíll be wowed and hold you to a higher standard.

4.Always Say Less Than Necessary
When talking be more vague and let people decide on their own how to take you. Being vague and using good body language will give you superiority, people will want to follow you.

5.So Much Depends On Reputation - Guard It With Your Life
Never drop your standards when sarging your reputation is what keeps you high in your group and its what the ladies are talking about. If your game isnít on that night go party and have fun they go get a 10 the next day never settle for a ratchet.

6.Court Attention at All Costs
Always hold the attention of the group and set. Donít get lost among the other AMOGs and AFCs. Whether it be by being the life of the party, peacocking, or just being known at the club as a vip. Always hold the eye of the crowd.

7.Get Others to Do The Work For You, But Always Take The Credit
Learn from what others on this site have done. Learn from what works and what doesnít. Donít find something out yourself that a fellow PUA can tell you, it saves your valuable time and energy. People will wonder how you were able to make such a quick transformation to Alpha male.

8.Make Other People Come to You - Use Bait If Necessary
By being the Alpha of your group and set people will come to you, and you have control over people who come to you. Let the ladies bask in your social proof and youíll close easily.

9.Win Through Your Actions, Never Through Argument
Never fall into an argument even if you win you will cause resentment that will come back for you. Get AFCs and other AMOGs to agree with you through you actions and they wonít be able to help but follow you.( Donít argue with an AMOG turn away and show him the girl is yours)

10.Infection: Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky
Stay around happy and fortunate people. Misery and misfortune are a sickness that will pull you in. Always be with people that are in good moods and good spirits.

11.Learn To Keep People Dependent on You
To be the Alpha male others must depend on you. If people rely on you you have more power with your plans and with your followers.ĒDonít teach a man to fish, give him a fishĒ.

12.Use Selective Honesty and Generosity to Disarm Your Victim
If a HB starts to think your in it only to fark and starts to pull away show an act of true compassion or be generous and this will counter your true intentions. You must appear be genuine in your act or youíll be seen as fake and sheíll move on.

13.When Seeking Help, Appeal to Peoples Self-Interest, Never to Mercy
Donít try to pursued by reminding the target what you have done for them, theyíll ignore you. Make them see the pleasure and joy theyíll get from complying and they will be excited. Make them feel as if they are getting the better end of the deal.

14.Pose as a Friend, Work as a Spy
Ask indirect questions to get people to reveal things about themselves; intentions and weaknesses. This will help you gauge your target, works well with pandoras box.

15.Crush Your Enemy Totally
If an AMOG bothers you too much you must complete crush him with no return from the set. Sometimes just brushing them off they will recover and come back stronger and beat you out.

Use Absence to Increase Respect and Honor
Keep circulation through your groups. If youíre around to much you can become common with the betas. If people canít count on you attendance to parties or clubs when you do show your presence will have much more power with the people.

Keep Others in Suspended Terror
Never be predictable always keep the HB guessing what youíll do next keeping her off-balance will make her want more and keep her coming.

18.Do Not Build a Fortress to Protect Yourself
Donít isolate yourself from AMOGs this will only give them time to rise above you. Stay in the crowd and keep your followers with you by appearing strong in the set you take the AMOGs power.

19.Know who Youíre Dealing With
There are many types of women out there what works for one may fail terribly on another, learn to gauge your target and act according. A PUA who knows one routine perfectly with certainly get the girl 1/10 of the time but a PUA who practices many routines with have a 50/50 chance EVERY time.

20.Do Not Commit to Anyone
The AFC commits to one and comes off as needy. Never commit to one and learn to play them against each other,keep your schedule full never wait on one girl.

21.Play a Sucker to Catch a Sucker
Make your target feel comfortable and unaware of your true intentions. Encourage their beliefs and once theyíre completely comfortable youíll have them telling themselves youíre different than the rest.

22.Use the Surrender Tactic
Know when to give up, donít keep trying on the one girl to try to prove something to yourself. If its not on walk away and she may follow you, anyway youíll learn and get her next time.

23.Concentrate Your Forces
Be ALPHA but be YOURSELF donít pretend to be a nerd if your not that smart, and donít pretend to be a jock if you never walked into a gym. Play to your strengths and youíll perfect them to an unmatched skill level.

24.Play the Perfect Courtier
Make everyone feel good about themselves and never be the downer. People will see you as the fun leader and love you for it. Youíll have loyal followers and HBs will flock to you.

25.Re-Create Yourself
Do not settle for anything especially not AFC status. Anyone can become an Alpha it takes work and knowledge, strive to better yourself.

26.Keep Your Hands Clean
Donít brag about your past accomplishments keep them to yourself, if people do find out act unaware of what theyíre talking about and make it seem insignificant. A ladies man never tells.

27.Play on Peoples Need to Follow
Lead by example of your actions make betas see that by following and helping you that they themselves will be more successful. Make them do things for you to solidify your role as Alpha.

28.Enter Action with Boldness
This is with aa, being unsure and doubtful will only harm you learn to be bold and unfazed and you will have the most successful openers.

Plan All the Way to the End
When talking to a HB have your goal set and work around obstacles to stick to that goal. If your goal is getting her number do it and donít get distracted. If your goal is a K-close donít let her lead you towards just a number. Direct your own future.

30.Make Your Accomplishments Seem Effortless
Donít brag or talk about what an achievement it was to hook up with the HB 9 make it appear as if it was just another night and you will remain top of your group and set. Future targets will see and come to you.

31.Control the Options
When giving a target options make sure both of them benefit you, never suggest an option that you can lose from.

32.Play to People Fantasies
Be that mysterious sweet talker and never reveal your truths, the truth is harsh and no one wants to hear it no matter how convincing they sound.

33.Discover Each Mans Thumbscrew
Everyone has a weakness or insecurity you can play on. Learn a HBs insecurity and your push-pull will be 10 times more powerful. Never over neg though for you will only upset people and appear an azzhole.

34.Be Royal In your Fashion
Act the part at all times you canít turn on the Alpha male switch when you want to, you must become an Alpha at all time in all groups. The path with more work is more rewarding.

35.Master The Art of Timing
Walk slowly with causal air of importance. Donít rush around and act like when ever you do something was when it was supposed to happen. You are never early or late when you get there is when things start.

36.Disdain Things You Cannot Have
If you are unsuccessful with a HB walk away and do not give it a second though or care. If you acknowledge your un-success you will give her power, if you donít care sheíll start to think she Farked up.

37.Create Compelling Spectacles
Whatever your set do something that will get everyone talking it will give you more king-like status.

38.Think as You But Behave Like Others
Keep Your own thoughts but donít make other people feel under you let them decide for themselves that your above them and they will praise you instead of resenting you.

39.Stir Up Waters to Catch Fish
Never get angry you with say irrational things and your game with fail. By staying calm and objective you will be Alpha in that people with think youíre always in control even f inside youíre not.

40.Despise the Free Lunch
Go after what you must work for, never take what requires no work. You wonít learn anything and you hold no value to it. If you work for it youíll gain self accomplishment and have more value in yourself.

41.Avoid Stepping In a Great Manís Shoes
If you have a someone you follow you must achieve greater than they ever did by twice as much. If trying to become Alpha of the group you must be twice as fun, wise, and as much of a PUA as the last Alpha and youíll never have to fear losing your title.

42.Strike the Shephard and the Sheep with Scatter
Donít let other AMOGs talk about you and affect your reputation destroy all influence they have early on and you can focus on your game.

43.Work On the Hearts and Minds of Others
You must tailor your game to what works for the target, if you ignore their emotions and what they want you will fail even with the most charming smile.

44.Disarm and Infuriate With Mirror Effet
When Mirroring HBs will love and and think you are more like them AMOGs will get pissed and not know what to do.

45.Preech the Need for Change,but Never Reform too much at Once
When leading a group impose you rule but do it slowly and over time. People are creatures of habit, changing too much at once with cause a shaky start for your new leadership.

46.Never Appear too Perfect
If you lead and appear untouchable someone will start to envy and resent you and you will end of with a splitting group. If you lead by being one of the group just the strongest you with stay leader. Look out for others in the group before yourself.

47.Do Not Go Past the Mark Aimed For
If you set a goal stop once youíve hit it. Assess from what youíve learn never try to much at once youíll end up getting confused.

48.Assume Formlessness
Never let anyone catch on to your plans or be able to read you. ďA brick has a solid form and is easy to grab, water forms to itís surroundings and it is grab-able.Ē