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Thread: David X over-analytical quote thoughts?

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    Default David X over-analytical quote thoughts?

    'The whole orientation of seduction psychology is wrong, by the way. It just trains you to be over-analytical and causes you to forget the most important person in the relationship, you.'

    - David X


    I think this is correct, because the more you think, the less you do as you over-analyze situations. You think about what you'll do, what might go wrong, what you'll say, etc. and that's costing you in actually doing something. It also allows aa and insecurity to creep in. This goes especially for indirect gaming, which is usually far more structured and planned than direct gaming.

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    Default Re: David X over-analytical quote thoughts?

    I've been thinking about game a lot lately - especially the idea of "winning" the game and the evolution from AFC to PUA to LTR.

    I'd say in part it's a matter of the lesser of two evils. In studying and analyzing seduction we do lose a bit of touch with ourselves - or at least I have. I've noticed that as my game has progressed I've altered my habits, wouldn't say I've changed who I am, but I certainly know that negging isn't something I'd do unless it worked. So I guess it comes down to : I'd rather be doing well with girls and a little out of touch, than to be trapped in AFCville/Friendzone.

    But I know it gets old after a while. Just as we know a woman will value a man who is more of a challenge, once getting laid is no longer much of a challenge that's the end of ones' PUA journey, and it's time to up the screening and qualifying and focus back on that #1 person: 'you'

    I guess I'm rambling a bit (but that's what the lounge is for right? ) I'd say I can see what David X is talking about, and though I think it is a necessary middle step between having nothing (AFC) and having what you need. Inner peace comes from the inside, and sometimes it takes immersion in external pursuits to realize it
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    Default Re: David X over-analytical quote thoughts?

    I do completely agree. However I think all beginners have to at least do all that over analyzing so they can learn and eventually analyze less and less when they get better.

    Reminds me of the concept Mushin I mentioned in another post. It means "no mind" which is a point where martial artists reach after years of training. They became so good that they no longer think about what moves they should use, but it became automatic. Think I'm going to get a Mushin tattoo lol.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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