Went out last night with 3 girls. It was friendly. Two of those girls are HB10s like out of all the girls I have met they are the most gorgeous but the thing about these girls is that they are into girls so I am out of luck. The other girl she is a HB8 and I am taking it slow with her because she plays loads of games.

We went out last night and hanged around a popular bar and we were having fun. Then I saw this girl, looking at me, and I approached her. Within 2 mins I closed. After talking to her another girl who was looking at me talking to the other girl actually approached me and within 10mins I closed her as well. My energy level was sky high after all that.

The 3 girls I was hanging out with was looking at me the whole time and when I went back to them they had a sad look on their face. I didnt ask them whats wrong I just start dancing by myself and making small convos with other people around me.

At the end of the night, the HB10s who are into girls was acting flirty for no reason. We began playing around and doing a lot touching and grabbing but I had to choose so I put my effort in the HB8. The Hb8 was so DTF. So we left and farked last night.

This morning at breakfast the HB8 asked me if I was going to call those two girls number I got. I told her I am just making friends and she shouldnt be asking me those questions and I quickly change the subject.

The moral of the story is that you always/should always approach. I know the rules and I know how women react when a guy focus his attention on another girl. Sometimes I find it ridiculous at times but whatever I guess. I learnt that you always approach regardless of who is there because at the end of the day you will truly benefit one way or the other.