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    Default PUAspiraton: The 500 lb gorilla in low-rise jeans

    So, there she was in my 9 AM Biology class, looking cute as hell. She was sitting in the 2nd row from the front, I was in the back. The class is small so it's easy to tell who is and isn't there. I was being alpha as sh1t, slumped in my chair, one arm around a chair, the other alternately used to eat my protein bar (I lift) or drink my Starbucks (I like coffee). I've been feeling good the past couple days bcuz I started going sleeveless and girls I barely know have been approaching me to say hello. On the inside this morning, all I could think though was "farkfarkfark, time is passing, what do I say, how do I approach?" Then the inspiration hit me...

    "Alright so, you really like this girl, here's what you do..., I do it, Dad did it, Uncle Andy does it all the time, sometimes it even works. Say something to her. Just do it, it's not so hard."-Weeds (2005)

    I'm thinking maybe we can start a thread with inspiratoinal PUA sh1t like this and get it stickied. So, my fellow novices, go out and talk to girls. Then go forth and prosper.

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    Default Re: PUAspiraton: The 500 lb gorilla in low-rise jeans

    Haha awesome quote and I love Weeds, it's when Shane is too pussy to talk to this girl he likes and Silas gives him the advice to just go for it. But the advice is sound gentlemen, just approach, nothing bad will happen and if you never do then you will never know what the outcome might have been. Doing that makes you lose the game before the game even started.
    I am only responsible for what I say, not what you understand - The proverb of a true activist.

    I'm not driven by fear, I'm driven by Danger

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