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    Default Using my skills in a Job Interview!?

    So I have ALWAYS wondered this ever since I got into the pickup game and finally had time/motivation to start a thread pertaining to this.

    Background - I'm a senior in college graduating at the the of the Spring 2013 and am currently beginning to search for a job. My major is Mechanical Engineering so (from what I hear) there is still a decent market for me and I shouldn't have TOO hard of a time.

    My question - How can I utilize my social skills learned from pickup on a job interview?

    Obviously my body language and acting confident is key but I'm talking specific examples of ways to answer questions that actually make the interviewer "want me".....and NO, I don't mean getting them attracted to me but want me to work for their company!

    I think this is a great thread because I'm sure a lot of you PUA's and MPUA's can do this naturally on an interview. Any guidance would be great and I'll be sure to write up an "Interviewing Guide" if I find any success.

    Thanks in advance guys!!!,

    "She'll forgive you for being a man...but she WON'T forgive you for being a p*ssy"

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    Default Re: Using my skills in a Job Interview!?

    I went to school for engineering myself. I aced 90% of all my job interviews.

    But the bullet points are:

    - Show Confidence example maintaining eye contact
    - Dont invest a whole lot in one company, and show that ie make sure you have another interview lined up
    - Act like a gentle man
    - Clothes should be stellar
    - Know what you are talking about, as in experience and skill set
    - Be unique as in separate yourself from the rest of candidates, I let you figure that part out
    - Show growth, for instance this company is just a company what you want to be when you grow up? Tell them your story
    - Be straight to the point
    - Last but no least, show that you will go the distance, as in, show that you are aggressive and self motivated.

    As you can see from the list its pretty much PUA game:

    1) Confidence (Alpha attribute)
    2) First impression counts
    3) Clothes matches personality type
    4) Not investing in one target; have a few targets lined up
    5) Be sociable and being able to hold a conversation
    6) Not being a creep / being clingy
    7) Having / Showing self-growth
    8) Spending less time building comfort and more on escalation
    9) Being aggressive
    10) Act like a gentleman

    When I first came to this site after reading some of PJ's material some of the stuff start making sense. And PUA actually provided me a blueprint, even though some stuff I naturally did. I guess my game wasnt consistent and some of the folks around here help me see the bigger picture.

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