Hey fellas,

Just wanted to give my thoughts after pursuing PUA for 5-6 months on a serious and regular basis.

I've realized that although this is very addictive (the fact that you can go out day sarge and get the phone number of girls) it takes alot of work and learning as well if I want to grow.

When dealing with 3 women simultaneously, I lose my wind. I feel like, I cant go on. I must cut out 1-2 girls. This leads me to stop pursuing them in any way.

Then I realized, you know, if i am ever going to get better at this, I should be gaming 4-5 women at any one time WITH EASE. Its just like business. You easily give up when you cant see any light at the end of the tunnel and you just wanna stop or cut down. But no. You find your second wind, then third wind, then fourth wind. You move forward until you cant breath no more and Life itself is forfeit.

I figure that I, having previously found success in business; I can use the same philosophy in PUA. I wont expect it to be easy. But I should continue to grow as a PUA. So much so that I can juggle with 4-5 women with ease at any one time until I FIND THE ONE.

There is so much material to work on. I have literally stopped working just reading this stuff day in and day out. My business has suffered lol. (Weakens the inner game)

Needless to say, PUA has taught me lots of sh1t. But I need to now find balance between PUA and personal ambitions (harder to achieve than you think)

The aim is to not give a sh1t and just continue to talk to women on a daily basis by phone. (I love phone conversations) Text game is too time consuming for a businessman like me.

My personal goal is definitely an LTR. I am not particularly fond of one night stands or 2 week stand for that matter. I want to feel and marinate on the woman's head, heart and soul. So gaming at least 3 -4 chicks at the same time for an LTR, is my personal goal.

Thats right, fark everything else.

Thank you all for your contribution. I look forward to continue to share my experiences from here in Thailand.