So to every body reading this, you must have an idea what ASD/LMR is and if not the title says it all.

ASD: Anti-Slut Defense
LMR: Last Minute Resistence (sounds kind of bad)

Basically the same action but for different reasons, either way there resisting and thats a problem.

So Im Going to teach you my methods of beating it and trust me your in for a treat. Im going to Break it down in a scenario to give you a better idea.

So first thing Is Scenario:

Where on my couch/bar and we are kissing, heat of the moment i want to escalate, start rubbing near her inner theigh etc. All of a sudden she says "I can't, wait etc"

Part 1: Full Retreat

Basically stop everything, that lets her know you have heard her and her points across, also basically you have taken away even the parts she is enjoying.No Kino, No Kissing, stand a foot away.

Part 2: Defense Destroyer

I'll look her and some times she'll say "sorry" sometimes she wot say anything. Either way I say this:

"thats okay, we'll just have fun and take it easy for the rest of the night, sounds good yeah buddy?"

see if you break down that comment, you first aknowledge what she is saying, your defence destroying by saying we'll take it easy and have fun, (sounds good yeah? - when i say that people naturally say "yeah" od sales trick) Buddy - just puts her in your friend zone. WHich means she isn't getting anymore.

Part 3: Hard to get

This doesn't mean be a prick, it means set a trap for her to be baited into, if your at home, start watching the movie, at the bar start talking to some one in your or her group. She should start earning for your attention at this point, only answer her questions, be friendly and a little playful. but not on full PUA mode. Just act like she is a mate sitting there, or make it seem that way at least.

(watch her body language too)

Result: Destroying LMR/ASD

At this point she should be asking you a lot of questions trying to get your attention and Kinoing the fark out of you.

Side note: after 2 -3 times Kino, she'll give up trying, storm off, and try make you jealous with some other guy or leave with her friends and cold approach you all night. then you have to defense destroyer her again and say " I was just respecting you, and didn't want to cross the line again so i distracted myself" but lets avoid that. I made this mistake 100 times. (I Call It Over Gaming)

Pretty much after maybe 2 attempts of her kino, give her the attention, be playful flirting again and do the K-close after you have re established or what ever progress you got up to, Attempt to make the same move as before. She should let you incloser, if not the full way aslong as your respect her (not going to get your hand up her dress in the middle of a club).

Basically you repeat that method. Simply your doing what Mystery does with the kino arm trick when he puts her hand there, she likes it, he removes it, she misses it and he puts it back.

This your backing off, showing respect, showing her that she understood, defense destroyer, temptation and confusion.

Basically you can repeat the process as many times until you get your goal. Thats the beauty of Defense destroyer, It Masks the whole Game plan. SInce she has all ready let the first one affect her, her resistance gets weaker and weaker each time, usually on the toughest will powered girls i've dealt with I've only had to use this twice, dont think third.

This Thread was written for 2 AllStars, One who will be less involved over Priority but will always be remembered ad welcomed C-Dog!.

Also for One Allstar who encounted this problem recently, dont be fulled we still reach problems as AllStars and thats why we ask each other, becuase we all have certain strengths that can individually help each other.