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    Default Great advice on frame control

    So believe it or not, I just watched the 1997 movie, "The Game" (NO relation to Neil Strauss' book) and gave me better look/hint of frame control

    I'll be brief but I will say that I often times get caught in the situation where I feel socially uncomfortable etc. For example, sometimes I'll find myself in a bar/club/etc. where I don't know a single person and rather than putting on a big smile and meeting people, the environment EATs me up! So, when I'm put in this situation...recently I've been "Reframing".

    I found this great quote online about Reframing that I think would be great for everyone to read:

    "Reframing means seeing the same situation in a different way. It means to see the same picture through a different lens. It means to see the same event in a different context. It means interpreting a situation a different way — in a way that makes things better. It means reinterpreting an event in a way that helps you feel better and get more done."

    Sure, It seems obvious and trivial but since reading that quote, I swear I've been able to control my inner game SO much more efficiently.

    Anyways, I hope this wasn't a pointless post but for all the noobies struggling with getting in the right Mindset...just be yourself and try and look at things through a new lens.

    Good luck!
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