One of my favorite tips from Mystery is to go to the clubs early sometimes when the place is dead and get to know the doorman, bartenders etc. This pure gold! One particular place I like to frequent I have spent several evenings having a drink or two and dhv-ing with the staff. I am about twice the age of the college kids that work there so this may be easier for me to earn their respect than you young dudes but always worth the effort. I also use these visits to try out new stories on the staff so I can fine tune them before I use them on HB's.
I don't openly sarge there because I don't want to hit on their friends in front of them, but the beauty is I don't have to! They open for me! They tell everyone present what an awesome guy I am and how much they love me! Opener, check! DHV's, check! Social proof, check! And all I have said so far is an energetic "hey bro" to my man behind the bar! I use this place for instant second date as the HB will be greatly impressed when I'm a celeb there!