Sup everybody, before I Continue, Happy Christmas Everybody

Exactly a year ago, I was preparing to go out and have fun with friends as usual on Christmas Eve, which I did even though I didn't do a single approach all night. I remember seeing guys approaching and say to myself "I wish I had their balls". But I didn't care much, so I kept doing what I was doing, (ie. Drinking).

When I was going back home, I remember a girl flirting with me, but I couldn't figure out if she was really flirting with me or not.. since back then I saw her as a 10.. (I couldn't believe a 10 would even look at me..)

Anyways, I didn't do sh!t pretty much.. and I was angry with myself and I started searching on Google, for ways to get better with girls. I found these forums and made this account, asking for some expert advice.

I remember many guys helping me out, but the first one to do so was The Red Baron, replying in my thread and helping me figure out some sh!t.. I could feel it in the way he replied to my (now stupid) questions, that he was great at this, and his replies made me want this even more.

I Immediately got hooked up by all these techniques and different stuff I didn't know they even existed! So I started reading books and all the articles in this website, and never looked back and promised to myself that from now on, I will do whatever it takes to get the girls I want, and don't feel angry the next day because I didn't approach someone in which right now I could have had some Memories with .

I Started approaching some girls sometimes (not all times, because of aa) but you can't Run without first knowing how to walk.. and got a lot of negative responses.. I looked on some field reports in here and I seen that I was not alone, and instead of giving up, I continued to increase my knowledge on all this, because I Knew I could only do it if I didn't let any sort of Rejection tear me apart.

Months passed by pretty fast, practicing many many times a week, and my social level was never this high and I never thought I would be someone, which people ask for advice or want to be like me or look up to and think "I wish I had his balls or skills".

Conclusion, I made this thread for 2 purposes:

1) I wish to Thank all the guys that encouraged and helped me out with different problems I had, or give me some Motivation when I Lacked it. (There are lots, I ain't naming anybody else :P)
2) I wanted to say that to ANYBODY who thinks he's not capable, or that it's not for him, just remember, that I did it (just look at the first thread I made to see how bad I was), and so CAN YOU!

Merry Christmas Everyone and do yourself a favor, and in the 2013 RESOLUTIONS, Promise to yourself like I did, and in the next Months you can say these same words I just typed up here .
But all this is just Advice, you can either follow it through, or do Whatever the F!ck you Wanna DO!

See ya guys, I'm gonna prepare for this year's Christmas Eve