Problems are relative. Once you are in the game, problems like lack of interest for the girl you date start to happen.
In my progress, i go from knowing someone, creating hate, then attraction, then, something memorable that can't be repeated in a lifetime. And then, everytime, after two months, i loose interest and i dump the relationship and spend 3 days as an rAFC. And today I learned something.

Since you loose part of your humanity in the game, there's something you can do for the people who passed through your life.

Humans can store memories from early childhood and remember them 60 years later. Most of them are extremes. Very good memories or terrible ones. Women are more adequate for that, since their memories are controlled by oxytocin spikes. They have a little piece of memory that can be used as a eternal memory, a CD, a Read-only Memory. Most of those ROM pieces are stored for the first kiss, the first guy they had sex with, and well, the first guy who activated all her emotions.

From today, i think that only being a player is to empty for me, and parts of AFC knowledge can be used after having experience in the pick-up and evolutionary psychology area, to fulfill all the long chain of emotions available in the human mind

I think one of the next objectives for PUAs in this year could be, filling those deep memory pieces in women they like, and not feeling completely empty by knowing they will switch girlfriends after a while...