When I first joined this forum and started reading my first Self Development book (Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.) and my first few Pick up books (David D's Double your dating and Code of Honor, although that books is more about just manning up more than anything) it was a rather troubling and indecisive time. I was so worried about what changes might be instilled in me and if they were poison.

But then, over the past few months, I have noticed some rather odd things. Since beginning my journey to self improvement, I have noticed myself calmer, happier. In fact, many ailments I experienced are no longer effecting me (I have motor tics and have got them pretty much wiped out now. Wether this is due to meds or different ways of thinking and inner peace is beyond me, but im not going to question it) and I really think the books and there principles are helping with my anxiety I have.

Now, what does this all have to do with pick up and this community:

Honestly, I have always been the person that imagines things before they even happen. Meaning anything I do I think will not turn out for the best, even though nothing in the past would suggest that negative outcome will occur.

And if these books really were poison, like I feared, than why am I experiencing all these positives and things in my life are being fixed.

The answer: They're not poison. These books are not going to turn me into anything that I don't let them turn me into. I have control. I have my personal judgement, and I need to man up and start accepting responsibility for myself. And I have.

I have been devouring books quite alot lately. I have already read through double your dating (David D.), How to become a alpha male (John Alexander, and 4 elements of game (Rob Judge) Particularly 4 Elements of game has had a huge impact on my Mindset. Rob seems like a real genuine, cool guy.

So, I really just wanted to post this to get off my chest where im at in my progression.

Really, I have to thank some people because they have helped me alot to finally get my head in the game and offer fantastic advice. Cody, even though your now gone and might not see this, I really do need to thank you. You gave me a swift kick in the ass when I needed it, and what you said did sink in.

I would also like to thank Red Barron, LockDown, Hyp, any of the other guys who answered my questions and offered your help. Its means alot.

Here is to 2013. To Growth, Good Times, and Beautiful Women