Guide for the fatalistic hard case newbs!
Ok, so I wanted to write a guide for the hard cases that canít quite get this down and keep saying the same things.
ďI canít do it.Ē
ďThe game is too hard.Ē
ďGirls wonít ever like me.Ē
ďIím not that kind of guy.Ē
ďShe is too pretty for me.Ē
ďIím too short.Ē
ďIím too tall.Ē
ďI donít feel like it.Ē
If you are always saying things like this, guess what? You might be a hard case.
If youíre the hard case, thatís OK! I AM TOO!

The only real difference between you and the pimp next to you that is getting results is: Youíre going to have to commit a lot harder than he is. It is going to be a rough road for you, but YOU CAN DO IT! I fucking know you can, because I know I can. Here are some things that I had to learn to do, Iím still perfecting these things and they will take a while to master, but Iíve seen results from being able to do these things, so I suggest, if youíre a hard case, to learn the same things.

Meditation: Yes. Even if you donít believe in Eastern Philosophy, all you have to do is find a chair, relax and focus on your breathing for 20 minutes a day. This is PHENOMENAL. Now there are some pimps that will say meditation isnít something that is going to help, and to them I would say; they donít need to meditate because they already know how to be present to the moment and relax whenever they want. However, for hard cases like us, we need to learn how to do that, and meditation is a great way to learn.

Eye contact: If youíre having a hard time keeping and holding eye contact, go find a mirror and hold eye contact with yourself, do it until you can do it for like 2 minutes straight without looking away. When you do look away, cuz you probably will, I did, only note that you did, if it doesnít click why you did right away, donít even think about it and go right back at it.

Nutrition: Iím going to do another post called, ďYour body and you.Ē With some nutrition facts in there. But if youíre a hard case and crazy down in group think like me, EAT SOME GREENS HOMIE!

Alcohol: Stop drinking, I donít care if your wing is drinking, you drink sierra mist or sprite while youíre with him. Closer and I go out and he can attest to this, I only drink sprite, and awesome enough, itís usually free. Lol.
One thing you have to not do is compare yourself to others. Closer is a fucking pimp, at first I was like, ďHow come he can do that stuff and get results and I canít?Ē but after a while I figured out why. THATíS NOT ME. And if youíre still reading this, itís probably not you either. ITíS NOT YOU HOMIE. GET IT TOGETHER.

About a month ago, I went out, got drunk as shit and just went home, with 1 approach which ended up as 1 rejection and then couldnít get my shit together enough to approach again. The next day, the first thing I realized I had to do was admit I was shit. Everything I was doing was wrong and I had to start from scratch to get this shit together, and so I did. Everything I knew had to be reset, and so I started my journey to reset it. Itís going to be hard, itís going to hurt, you might cry, and you might get next to no sleep worrying about what youíre doing to yourself, but when itís all said and done and youíre sitting there in a quiet room and youíre finally present to the moment without needing to be in state to do it youíre going to think, ďThis is how other pimps feel.Ē And if this is how ďotherĒ pimps feel, then I must be becoming a mother fucking pimp too! All that pain I endured and the late nights of me knowing I was a piece of shit, and pushing to get this shit handled had all led to this one quiet moment. A quiet moment when I wasnít seeking anyone elseís validation, not even my own.

Of course Iím still going to continue what Iíve been doing, I have a long hard journey ahead of me. When successful people see their first sign of success, they donít stop pushing, and neither will I. The point of this whole post is just to tell you, there is hope for you homie. Just keep pushing. And instead of hating that pain, learn to love it, it means that what youíre doing is working, just keep pushing.

ďItís very quiet, itís a very quiet process where you are just drawing your state from within yourself. Where youíre doing these simple little tasks, but finding love in those simple little tasks. Itís not this big rah-rah speech where you do this one thing and something big happens. Success is like a quiet daily set of tasks, itís like that quiet walk to the gymÖ like footsteps. Some empty gym late at night, over and over and over. Or as I sit there studying other great people and then comparing that to what Iím doing and looking at it, over and over and over. Doing 20 minutes of meditation a day, over and over and over. Or eating foods that enhance my brain neurotransmitters. Little things, those little menial tasks that add up you have to execute them. And when your brain tells you that you have a great reason today not to do it and you want to listen to your brain, cuz your brain doesnít want you to be a big success, your brain just wants to keep you alive. Itís going to lie to you, itís going to trick you until you can get it on your team. You just got to be consistent, you got to have that consistent thing. And you got to CULTIVATE A LOVE FOR THE PROCESS. You got to love the process, and you have to make a decision to love the process. And NOONE IS GOING TO DO IT BUT YOU. NOBODY DUDE. NOONE IS GOING TO DO IT BUT YOU.Ē ĖOwen Cook aka Tyler Durden of RSD.

And I donít care what this sounds like to you, but I got teary eyed writing that quote, cuz it fucking hits deep. So stop being a bitch, stop looking for results, and cultivate a love for the process. If I didn't explain something you'd like to know about just ask or pm me if you'd rather not let anyone know you're a hard case. At first i felt embarrassed about it too, but now i own it. This shit is a hard journey and when you feel yourself getting to that next level, it's the most pride I've ever felt for myself. So don't be afraid to own that shit.