Ok so this is probably gonna come off as a rant over what I want it to sound like so bare with me on it. I don't know if I'm the only one who has noticed it, but there seems to be a lot of nay-sayers towards the game itself and the different methods involved. People saying one method is better than the other, or that one is outdated and would never work in todays day and age. Now I'm a fairly optimistic person in general, but when I see posts that blast Master PUA's it aggravates the hell out of me. I am by no means a Master at the game, I still have a loooooooong way to go. But the posts that I see that make fun of or try to undermine the different guru's who brought this art form to light for all of us, are by guys who have no reputation whatsoever. I'm very familiar with trolls and spammers and its easy to tell them apart from the other guys who literally think that nothing will work for them. Claims of having tried all the methods and still nothing works causes them to blast and say hateful things about it. Then it dawned on me.

The game has no set method. People in general are always looking to blame someone else for their mistakes, or to shift the attention elsewhere when something doesn't work out in their favor. Its a survival tactic I guess. But its one we need to overcome. Baser instincts will prevail in times where they're needed, but in day to day life you need to become the master of your impulses. Blaming someone else or something else for your failures is the easy way out of a situation. You tried the Mystery Method and got blown out after the opener. "Oh that crap doesn't work!" is the first thought in your head. No. To get to the higher levels of the game you need to STOP, and take a look at what you did. It requires a good sense of self to be able to analyze all the details that went into the interaction you just had. Maybe your body language was needy and possessive. Maybe you read the group wrong and came on too strong. Maybe you came off too weak. Maybe you didn't calm their fears being the new guy that they don't know. Their are multiple points of interest for you to breakdown and analyze and go over again and again. It just takes the courage to do so.

Before giving up you're going to have failures. You think guys like Mystery, or Style, or Ross Jeffries, or any of the gurus that we hear and read about today, never had any failures? They failed more times than they can count. BUT, they had the guts and fortitude to take responsibility for their actions. They played the scenes out over and over in their heads. They found the patterns, what worked, what didn't and discarded useless things and streamlined it. And they didn't stop! Getting a good system down doesn't guarantee success every time. There is not 100% fool proof method. It takes time, learning, failing, and trying over and over again to get comfortable enough to be consistent. So I guess the main point in my own little rant here is that taking responsibility should be the first thing any one focuses on while learning the game. Do not assume that the women you speak to are cold and bitchy right away because you got blown out. Don't think that you'll never get any better at it. It just takes an honest opinion, not one of what you hope to be, to get better. You can visualize yourself on top of the world, but you have to live in the now and take the steps to get there before it actually happens.

Anyways that concludes my little rant. Thanks for reading.