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    Default Yep.... i'm afraid of the night

    Whats up, fellas!

    I've been in this game and now i jus' turned 20 years old.

    The cold approach Pick Up Game changed my whole life. I'm now a completely different person.

    But look... i jus' acknowledge the fact that i fear the night!

    My day-game is nice, i get my results from it, but my night game is sh1tty as hell.

    In fact, i almost don't go out sarging at night.

    The night, for me, have this frightening aura... the club, to be precise.

    It's big, dark, full of guys acting macho and girls acting bitchy, lights everywhere... pure caos...

    And wow man... IT'S LOUND...farkING LOUND. You can't speak to no one... the whole focking thing is a dance floor (at least down here in Brazil)...

    Really, how can you possible meet people in a place like this? How can you create a genuine connection with high value women in a environment like this?

    For real... so far, i jus' cant see how you can really game someone down here in Brazil (at least here in my city) with out pre-established social proof in night clubs... where you really must literally YELL at people, even in areas where you have couches, in order to talk to them.

    You see guys kissing like...10 different girls at the same night, but i rather get a FC with jus' one girl. That's real game.

    But ok... at the same time, i realised that it really must be a AFC's excuse.

    If you can see a lot of REALLY great looking woman in loud, caotic club enviroments, it's because they see it as a place suitable to meet man, right? So... fark it. If it's suitable for them, it must be suitable for me.

    How can i develop inner game for club enviroments? Is there a book where you can find information about it?

    I know,i know..there's no book that it's worth without pratice, but trust me, i'm not the kind of guy who dont do nothing about a problem he's facing.

    Help me out with,at least, insights, could you?

    Thanks guys!

    "And today i'll do what others won't, so tomorrow i can accomplish what others can't"

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    Default Re: Yep.... i'm afraid of the night

    First off, I envy you for finding out about these tools that early. I'm just now starting to implement this stuff and I'm mid way through school

    I'd probably say the best advice are too either find a wingman who knows what your looking for. Or B just find a few HBs to go with you to the club, it builds social proof and HBs tend to draw more HBs then just practice away

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