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Thread: PUA Haters!!

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    Default PUA Haters!!

    Okay, what is up with these annoying men that hate on PUA's and men that want to learn and help others learn how to approach, attract, and date beautiful women?? I even saw a website where someone, who obviously must have so much bitterness for PUA's, that he created a website devoted to hating on them. I see haters everywhere, on forums, commenting on youtube videos, but the most annoying haters are the ones in the field.

    My friends and I deal with these losers EVERY night. They stand by the bar with beers in their hands, no women around them, and talk sh1t about the men who have the balls and the skills to approach, attract, dance with, leave with, Etc, all of the beautiful women.

    Is it really a matter of their own insecurities and jealousy??

    I know that hate and self esteem are on the OPPOSITE ends of the spectrum which means its impossible to have high self esteem and hate on someone at the same time, at least in that very moment of doing so.

    How often do you have other guys running their mouths off to you??
    How do you deal with them ??

    I usually just ignore them but occasionally, if they are getting really annoying, I flash the napkin or my phone at them with the hot girls phone number that I just got.

    Lastly, do you have any funny stories, responses, jokes, or comebacks you've said or like to use on haters??

    Thanks guys
    Da Vinci

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    Default Re: PUA Haters!!

    Look at them & say in your best Arnold Schwartzenegger accent, a play on this line from the movie "TWINS" -
    "Did you see me with the 2 girls there Vincent? I can teach you to do that"... & give them a sly smile...

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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    Default Re: PUA Haters!!

    As sad as it may seem, people are petty and jealous creatures as a whole. It's a defense mechanism that we've developed over years and years to assure ourselves that, when something doesn't go our way or when someone else has the balls to do something we didn't, that we would've done it but we didn't feel like it at the time, or the mood wasn't right or any other myriad of pointless excuses. Haters of the game and of those that practice it are such people. They make callous and petty comments and talk bad and down to people who are actually trying to harness their inner potential because they themselves are afraid to take the leap and change something about themselves. Lets face it, everyone everywhere has something about themselves they want to change or improve on. Its a simple fact. But only a handful of people will take the initiative to do so.

    With haters, they're scared and unwilling to change because they psych themselves up to think that they are already perfect. So a single track mind with no self-awareness seems to be the perfect equation for a hater. Think about it, people who have low self esteem do what more often than not? Tear apart someone else because that persons value and sense of self is so much greater than theirs that it irritates them and they want to undermine and put them down to try and bring them to a lower level.

    Now practicing PU is a good skill to learn, but invariably you're going to have experiences with haters. Every night, or every other night, or far and few between it will happen. So what do you do? Do you go the beta route and call them out on it and feed into their self depreciating ways? No. You're only lowering your value by even acknowledging their pettiness. Do you ignore them? No. You don't want to come off as weak and unable to defend yourself. So what you do is show them the error of their ways. Don't call them out and say you're better than them. That accomplishes nothing. Instead, SHOW them that you are better than them. For example.

    I was at a bar, by myself with no wingmen or anything like that. I was having a good time, flirting with the bartender and talking to the owner and generally had a real feel good vibe going on. Now I was wearing a tank top and my hair was gelled up and this guy in the middle of a group of friends said:
    Him: "Hey man, that Jersey Shore stuff doesn't work here"
    Group: (laughter and high-fives)
    Me: (look the dude up and down and smirk) "I'm not just relying on my looks Ahab. (dude had a scruffy captains beard like he wanted to be a pirate) But since you wanted to point it out, heres some proof for you"

    At that point I approached 4 different 2 sets, spending about 5 minutes with each, getting comfortable and then ejecting before moving to the next one. After all had been opened their eyes were on me, and then I moved to the bar.

    Me: "Hey sweetheart close me out. Don't want you trying to get me drunk and taking advantage of me"
    Her: (laughs) "Ok hon, who were your friends?" (points at the group of guys)
    Me: "Nobodies really, they were complementing my Jersey Shore-esque looks" (big smile)
    Her: "Jersey Shore? Nah you're way cuter than that"
    Me: "Thanks. Anyways, I'm about to head to another bar. You should end your shift and come with me, its kind of dead in here"
    Her: "Well, I don't know, its a little late and I gotta be up early"
    Me: "Least your responsible, but I promise you'll get home safe and sound" (wink)
    Her: "Ok, let me close out"

    10 minutes later I have my arm draped over her as we walk out of the club. I stop in front of the group of guys with her on my arm and say
    Me: "Looks like Jersey Shore has better game than you guys. Enjoy your sulking"

    Then I walked off with her and had a great evening. All you have to do is demonstrate higher value and prove it without feeding into their hating, and without giving them any other course of action but to keep being creepy and awkward. Hope this helped a bit.
    "Women can fake orgasms, but men can fake love" - Bo Burnham

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