The classical PUA use of poetry is to read it to a girl to show the romantic side and get her in the mood (and, as a very trivial consequence, to later get in her pants )

But how would you see if it it's a girl sending you her poems (plus bits of a book she's writing?).

I don't enjoy much as I find myself having to lie through my teeth: one because I think poetry is very personal and if you are not feeling those feelings, it's hard for me to "get those poetic vibes" simply by reading. And two, even more important, because her English is very poor and she manages to make 3 grammar mistakes and 5 typos per sentence (come to think of it... That's quite a feat ).

Still, I forced myself to "get in the mood" and comment on it via the feelings I thought she wanted to express and the reason why I liked it (it shows this and that, I like it because.. ).
Her "poetry" is always about love and relationships.
I didn't reply with any poems of mine, just comments on hers.

How would you react to it, how would you get the most out of this situation?