One aspect of my style that I always get compliments and attention from girls on is the high/low factor. Basically, it's a unique mix of clothes from high on the spectrum (nice, dress-up clothes) and low on the spectrum (casual, dress-down clothes). Depending on the environment you're going to be in, you can play around with this.

For example, if you are going to a dive bar, you may want to wear predominantly casual clothing with one piece that's high on the spectrum (like a really nice button-down shirt with a hoodie over it, snapback hat, casual jeans, casual shoes). I've also worn a white or black undershirt (the kind you get for $5 from The Gap) with a semi-middle of the line sweatshirt and dress pants with a nice belt.

For a dressier club/party/event, I've gotten complements on this outfit: a higher end button down shirt, layer over a sweater if you want (I like the kinds that are like vests only they have long sleeves... I don't know what they're called) dress pants, dress shoes, and my low element would be a knit beanie hat (some dressier bars/clubs don't allow this, so play within the dress code. I've been exempt from the dress code before because the bouncer saw my whole style that was going on and decided I was dressed up enough. Guess it depends on who you get though.)

I feel a lot more comfortable somewhere on the high/low spectrum than at one end, and I get more stares and compliments from girls also. But play around with it and make it you. You can even wear high-end clothes but don't shave for a couple days and go for the "messy" hair style, that's high/low also.

So now, here's my favorite high/low outfit to wear that never fails to get stares from girls when I walk in the room:

1. Nice button-down shirt w/ top few buttons unbuttoned (I get them slim fit, or at least some kind of fit that is conducive to layering)
2. Thin hoodie over that, zipped 3/4 of the way up
3. Suit coat over the hoodie, so hood drapes over back of suit coat (makes you look like a classy artist).
4. An acceptable pair of jeans (I get bootcut).
5. Dress shoes
6. Messy-style or semi-messy-style hair, or sometimes a low-end hat or beanie, but you can decide if a hat would be too much.

Nothing is more awesome than rolling into a bar or club with alpha body language, shoulders naturally fallen back, marlon brando smirk, and this outfit. It's an entrance that every girl in the room notices.

If you want to get a few suitcoats to choose from for cheap, sometimes I go to thrift stores and find suitcoats there for like $5 with interesting, unique patterns on them (but not too crazy. If Screech from Saved By The Bell would wear it, don't do it.) Take a girl along to help you pick it out, it's a great place for a day insta-date. Thrift stores are quirky and fun, and it's always awesome to make fun of the ridiculous 80s and 90s tapes and CDs or the outdated appliances they're trying to sell.

Then you can take your thrift store suitcoat to the tailor, I get the shoulder pads taken out if there are any and get them tailored to my body frame. It's usually about $30-$40 for tailoring and $10 for shoulder pad removal. I have a green, blue, and black plaid thrift store gem that I got for $5. When in doubt, I just throw it over a black tshirt with jeans and suddenly I look like an interesting guy in the more dress-down bars where everyone is wearing polos or Affliction tshirts. It's kind of a form of peacocking, because it's truly a one-of-a kind suit coat, so I always stand out .

Anyway, that's my style. Feel free to try anything and/or post your reactions. I kind of rambled a bit here so hopefully the length of this post won't keep anyone from reading it, lol.