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Thread: Being opened by women

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    Question Being opened by women

    What are the criterias women have for opening you? happened quite often to me in the last few weeks, and i have absolutely no idea why. Ive got a pretty massive aa, but have practically no sticking points after that, so im not unhappy about it. Would just like to understand it though

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    Default Re: Being opened by women

    The same as us. They think you are cute. Women can see a good looking man down on his luck having a hard time and just think that he isn't cute at all. Then they can see a guy that isn't really that physically appealing but he is talking to everyone, kinoing girls making people laugh and just generally having a wonderful time and think this guy is so hot.

    A HUGE HUGE HUGE part of the whole thing is how you carry yourself. I had a friend of mine tell me how hot a guy was. I asked her what made him so secksi. She told me that he was an attractive guy, but the way he carried himself with his posture and confidence is what made the difference between him being a cute guy and a hot guy.

    Another example, I used to hang around with a co-worker of my girlfriend of the time. I tried to get with the co-worker back when we were friends. She wouldn't have it. When we reconnected she was always flirting with me and telling me things she would like me to do to her when my girlfriend wasn't around, and how she wanted us to get away from her spouses for a weekend and go have some fun together.

    Now I by no means am a hot guy, but there are SO many factors and you will absolutely drive yourself insane trying to figure them all out.

    THE SINGLE CHARACTERISTIC THAT WILL MAKE WOMEN OPEN YOU IS IF THEY CAN SEE YOU KNOWING WHO YOU ARE! You can't look at someone and see if they know who they are, but you can notice the traits they exhibit as a side effect.

    God that was a long post, but I put a lot of work into making myself approachable, you just need to do whatever the fuck you want.
    KISS - Keep it Stupid Simple

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