So recently, I've become obsessed behind the female thinking mind and feminism. This stems from my constant search to find and understand "the Perfect Method" to getting any lady you desire. I do believe there is one for me, and I have thousands of pages of material ready to be read, and 200,000 people ready to test it on.

Among my search for information, I found an incredibly interesting discovery.

Apparently, there are indeed female PUAs in this world, whose goal is very similar to the male conterpart's: become successful with the men that they want to.

Apparently, Noble is huge in the UK and has boot camps often. She mainly gives her classes to men, but she does assist women from time to time. On the other hand, if Neil Strauss is the King of PUA's, Leigh is the Queen. Leigh's story is extremely similar to Strauss': super shy, unable to communicate with men properly, and so on. Now, she's been declared as the best female PUA in the world, and she runs a female forum and group where she gives boot camps to women and women only. She also runs a blog where she gives her field reports and personal experiences. I've read into a bit of it and I have found it to be incredibly astounding.

I am still going to read the books by them, simply because I want to get a glimpse into the female mind. But I am curious though, has anyone ever heard of these women? If you have, what do you think of this?