Hi everyone.

I don't want to make this thread a huge wall of text, so i'll try to be as objective as possible.
I'm 33 years old living in Czech Republic for 8 months and for 5 months i have been dating a 30y/o woman from Slovakia. She is very independent, makes 3 times more money than i do, very beautifull, but we have been going through some rough times lately.

Last weekend we were speaking about going on vacations together, and i told her that my finantial situation is not very good at the moment. She told me "Well, i really need to go to some country abroad to the beach and get some sun, at least for a week, so if you're not able, baby, i'm sorry but i really will need to go".

This came as a big shock to me. In my conception of relationship, a man should support the woman, and the woman also should help the man in times of need. Plus, i think about what will happen when i really need her support in something important, will she also say to me something like
" i'm sorry, but it's your problem, not mine ".

Then yesterday i went to her place, i told her that i have been thinking about this "vacation thing" and she totally snapped.
Saying "OMG, You're really a crazy person", "why are you bringing this up now?" and then telling me that i'm unpredictable, that i'm like "an arab" because i'm being overly "possessive" on only thinking that she can only go with me or not going. She said she would be ok with the idea of me going alone on vacation, and even her friends are ok also with this kind of thinking.

Plus, she was telling me that she did this for her ex-bf (paying for vacations) and that she doesn't want to do it again, because "it's too early in the relationship".

According to her, "Relationships go through phases" (being marriage the absolute top of the piramid), and that we're still very much in the beggining. For me for example, i don't see things like this.
Once i say "ok, you're my gf", that's it. I'm as committed to the relationship as i'd be if we were married. If she needs something, money, anything, i'll help her. Apparently, that's not what happens here.

So, in one hand, i think she's right, she shouldn't be paying stuff for me, i think it's quite shameful for a grown man. But at the same time, i'm scared about this kind of thinking. What does this mean for the future? For me a relationship should be about being one. Being flesh and blood together, fight together, lose together.

So, what would an alpha male do?

I've spoken with my friends about this (my best friends here are from Southern Europe as me) and they also share the same idea about this issue. And also they told me that women here from this region are like this.

You must have a heart of stone because they really are amazing to the eyes, but not very willing to sacrifice their "freedom" because of something. For example, here is very normal to go to a disco, start dancing with a girl, grab her but during the dance, and then when you ask "let's go over there for a talk" she will either say "i'm here with my boyfriend" or "yes, but i have a boyfriend". It's like, "hey, it's ok to grab my but".

So, any of you had experiences with girls from this region? Any thought you'd like to share?

Thanks a lot for reading and thanks in advance.