Hey guys,

I recently hit the jackpot with the whole PUA thing, had a date with this chick in Holland, then went back to England, then invited her to my house next time she came round. We almost had sex, I ate her out, but I couldn't get hard (too much choking the bishop the night before haha).

Anyway, we've kept in contact since (I'm back in the UK now), but yesterday she told me that she's worried about a couple of things:

1) that she'll feel "used" if we have sex (as "fuck buddies")
2) that her feelings for me will grow
3) that long-distance relationships don't work

I tried to convince her that sex is natural and all that, and she agreed, but she still thought that if we were fuck buddies we would just be using each other, I said there's nothing wrong with sex for fun but she's unsure.

so, any advice?