The other day, when I was hanging out with my best friend, his dad came around to asking me of how I was with the ladies and what I was going to do with my summer. I told him what I was doing, and how I was happy with everything, and he said probably one of the most eye-opening quotes for me that I am now going to use as my own motto:

"Remember, you're not looking for Miss Right. You're looking for Miss Right Now."

At first, I thought that what he said applied specifically to women. However, as he began to talk about friends, careers, and every other which thing that had no pertainance to women, all of a sudden it became far different than what I imagined it to be.

To give you all a bit of information, the man who said this quote is a professional blues player. He's played at Summerfest and been all over the place in his 50 year career. I even had the honor once of being able to perform with him. His blues background gives him a very interesting view on life, and that's just it. That's the key to the quote all together:

Miss Right is Life.

Miss Right is our future. It is what we pursue the most, and it can be anything. It can be a woman, a friend, a job, a house, anything that it applies to. Miss Right is life. As my best friend's father continued to explain, however, there's far too much to the future. The future is big, it's vague, and if that's all we focus on, it's a whole damn lot of effort. In addition, once we're with Miss Right, we're stuck with her. And do we enjoy that? I can say all those years of chasing after women, trying to become socially accepted, and all other end goals with fail after fail was certainly no fun.

Now what we should all be searching for, and as he said, is Miss Right Now. Miss Right Now is the Present. It is the one true thing we know for certain, and it is the one thing that can lead us to one security of mind. Miss Right Now can become Miss Right, but only time will tell. In the meantime, why chase the future around, when you have the present right now? Why must we only focus on our goals of the future when we know that just living in terms of now will lead us to them?

The essence of the quote goes at this: don't go out chasing around women trying to create an end goal for yourself. Just go out and enjoy the now. What will happen will happen, but you have GOT to just forget about it all and live like tomorrow doesn't even exist.

To finish this off, I will use another thing he said, and the same thing he used to close up this conversation:

"Miss Right can wait, cause Miss Right has all the time in the world. Miss Right Now doesn't though, so go enjoy her while she's around."