In your experience and/or following your style:

A girl is leaving a club/bar, you like her but you haven't talked to her at all (for whatever reason).
Is it worth it to chase her outside to ask for her contact?

A girl is leaving a club/bar, you try to stop her, she's not unfriendly (and possibly she actually smiles) but she doesn't stop anyway (maybe a friend was ahead or she was in a group).
Is it worthy to chase her outside to ask for her contact?

You see a girl entering a metro stop (a bus, a tram or some public transport), she possibly looks a bit hurried and/or listens to music.
You're going somewhere else, you should literally run after her to catch her.
Is it worth it?


In my experience, for 1 and 2, it wasn't really too worthy of my time (and being seen like a crazy guy by the bouncers or by the bystanders ) even though in some rare instances I got at least a lead for a meet up.
But every time I don't do it, I always feel like I should have and/or I might have missed "my (kind of) girl", even though it's likely I might see a similar one later on or the next day.

I think I have 2 issues that bring me to regret every time I don't "at least give it a shot":
1. I have "girl ADD", whenever I see someone I like, I don't mind much about all the other girls: I gotta go there and ask for a contact, even though I know that most of the times it won't go anywhere without the chance for a deeper connection. Asking for a contact is for me like saying "cool, at least you've tried and done everything from your side".
2. I'm short and my target girl is not taller than I am, plus I wouldn't consider sleeping or going out with a girl I don't really like. This means that for me seeing one that "fits the bill" is not too common. However, rationally, it's likely I will see more than one in an evening out or the very next day.

What do you guys think?