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Thread: Physical Contact with Friends

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    Default Physical Contact with Friends

    I'm reading through conquer your campus, and I came across something in the middle of it that really has me thinking right now.

    In the book, the narrator talks about the idea of the 20% Man, a person who everyone wants to be around. One aspect he talks about is "spreading the love". What he does is hug and kiss on the cheek or the forehead all of his female friends when he sees them.

    Now the only physical contact I may do early in a conversation is a shoulder or elbow grab with my female friends. When I look at my younger brother, however, Michael's method seems to work. The other day, he passed by this girl he knew, who was sitting with her boyfriend, kissed her on the forehead, and then said "love you!". Thinking about it this way, it makes me tempted to start to live out this model of increased physical contact.

    I am wondering if there is anyone else here who does the same thing. If not, then what do you do with your friends?
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    Default Re: Physical Contact with Friends

    Don't know much about the book your reading, but I can tell you this much...

    I kiss every girl on the cheek. If I am introduced through a mutual friend, I will sometimes handshake, but ALWAYS accompanied by a kiss. If I meet her in any other instance, the moment I see her again ALWAYS a kiss on the cheek hello.

    If it is a very physical atmosphere and a forehead is the only angle (I'm standing, they're on couch), I'll give forehead kisses.

    Only exception to contact is if they are just too far (i.e other end of booth at a restaurant), in which case I still acknowledge them, and I'm sure they feel a little left out. Wouldn't you if a girl kissed all of your friends but you?

    I have come across specific incidences I can recall pertaining to this (other than this I never even think about it, so normal to me):

    1) My friend was hooking up with this girl. I am pretty much acquaintances with her. When I saw her sitting by herself one day I kissed her goodbye (cheek), my friend who never does this followed me. I can tell it was awkward for them, but her body language actually showed she liked mine. I was probably more comfortable with it than he was, making it just horrible for them.

    2) Two Canadian girls I met with my brother were both not used to this. They even came over one day and said that it was very weird and in Canada they just wave hi, but went on to say that they loved it.

    I think if you believe that's normal, others feel it too.

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    Default Re: Physical Contact with Friends

    I generally hug girls before kissing them, however kissing in the forehead feels cool. I'm going to incorporate it.

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