Lately I've been studying humans and here's what I've noticed. You can even try if you don't believe me:

1: anytime you laugh at someone's joke they try to explain and get an even more laughter making the joke lame and making the situation uncomfortable.

2: the alpha male/ female status. Looks doesn't matter( I know you're like " duh, that's the first thing every MPUA says"). Don't argue until you hear me out. I figured it out when I went toy little brother's 8th grade moving up ceremony. After a while I started to get who the popular kids were and vice-versa. I kept on paying attention until a man behind me said something that made me think. He told his wife " I don't get why the ugly girls get more applause then the prettier/ more attractive girls". That made me think because of the whole alpha status no matter what age you are; especially during your school years ( I'm still in high school too.)

3: Everybody is the same!!! They bleed the same blood, eat the same food, poop the same poop and everything so do everyone a favor DON'T PUT ANYBODY ABOVE YOURSELF/ON A PEDESTAL!!!( I personally do that a lot.) but it only ends up mad and they end up disappointing you when they don't love up to your expectation and YOU'RE LOWERING YOUR SELF-VALUE by doing that. Not to dis anyone but also the MPUA. Yes they know more than us but that's only because they are dedicated and constantly work to improve themselves, don't put them on a pedestal, just do you, practice and get better! ( yes no matter how good you get THERE WILL ALWAYS BE OTHERS THAT ARE BETTER TAN YOU AND THERE ARE ALWAYS GOING TO BE NATURALS. Don't hate, bet glad for what you have!!).

Well that's all I wanted to get of my mind.