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Thread: RETURN OF AUTISMUS - and some tips

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    Default RETURN OF AUTISMUS - and some tips

    I"M BACK!!!!!

    * P.s. Scroll down to my point if you don't give a sh1t about my amazing thought process. *

    To all of you who had a running dialogue with me back and forth (either on posts, in PM's, or in real life - Hyabusa, Closer, Elitist, GhostGame, Rafa, Taylor, Mr.Jones) I apologize for my absence. As a PUA, your interest in Game will rise and fall. Xavier explains it best.

    Long story short, I'm in an LTR and all signs look like I might have "won the game" as they say. But I have found that the game doesn't stop when a relationship begins - thought I wouldn't really call it a game anymore, at risk of sounding like a f****t, I'd call it a journey.

    I'll pause for you to say "What a f****t."



    For the socially incompetent (like myself) it remains necessary in a relationship to be aware of her mental state, to know what YOU need to do to keep the relationship on course, to progress from one week to the next; just like you progressed from "stage" to the next in the dating game.

    Anyway, what brought me here today

    So I had this thought... lately I've been writing for funsies. Just writing little stories about fictional people or writing short assessments of my analysis of social mechanisms. Just writing. You with me so far? Good.

    And I've noticed that on days when I write more I want to play videogames less. Makes sense. Video games are a way to escape into a fantasy world, and that need/desire/drive to escape to a fantasy world has been replaced by writing about fictional people for me. You still with me? Good.

    I've been thinking this for a while, but never mentioned it during a dinner date or any time with my girl because I thought it was just a little too nerdy. Like, I'm a pretty nerdy guy, but replacing analyzing the psychological implications of replacing a videogame habit with a fan-fiction habit seemed a bit much, and I imagined it would be either a turn-off, a dlv, or just bad conversation.

    Then I remembered - WHAT THE FARK AM I THINKING!?! - there is no bad conversation! I once picked up a jewish girl with a WWII joke (and that joke was an atrocity - seriously a crime against humanity) - surely there is no such thing as bad conversation when done correctly - with the right frame.

    (Search RB Frame Control)

    My Point

    If you ever find yourself running out of things to say to a girl, then F**K YOU! I don't mean that to be an @$$. You need to relax. And try this technique:

    Just say whatever it is you are thinking.

    That's right, if you're thinking "Wow, she has nice boobs" about your waitress while on a date - say it. (If you're just on a practice date). This technique isn't designed to get girls into bed. It's designed to get YOU in the habit of making a fun and sexy conversation out of anything. (This is high-risk, but the self-improvement is of great benefit to your game and your life).

    It Goes Bad:
    You: "...and that's how I ended up at my job now - Wow! That waitress at the bar has huge knockers!"
    Her: "..." (cold silence)
    You: "Oh, sorry, I mean yeah... what do you do"
    Her: "F**k you" *gets up and leaves you with the bill*

    It Goes Well:
    You: "...and that's how I ended up at my job now - Wow! That waitress at the bar has huge knockers!"
    Her: "..." (cold silence)
    You: "I mean that is ridiculous - how can she even see what drink she's pouring!"
    Her: "F**k you-"
    You: "It's like the circus! How can you not be amazed by this"
    Her: *she laughs reluctantly because she realizes the waitress isn't a threat, just a medical fascination*
    You: "I mean seriously, the next time I take a cruise - if she was on the Titanic there could have been so many lives saved with those flotation devices.
    Her: "You don't like big boobs?" (that's a sh1t test to see if you're bu11sh1tting)
    You: "I like good boobs..."

    Then you go on to describe what your boob preference is, what you do with them, funny stories, and whatever the fark else you want to sexualize the conversation and get her thinking of you in a sexual way. The point is:

    Just say whatever it is you are thinking.

    But boobs are easy. Here is a harder one I recommend:

    You: "I think writing poems might replace videogames in my life"

    Say that and hold the farking line. You say this in an alpha way, start talking about the pros and cons of videogames, start talking about poems (don't be g@y about it). Then you will get mad alpha props and ability to emote in her eyes (in the dating game)
    If you're in an LTR you'll just become closer.
    DTF HB's omw 2 LTR

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    Default Re: RETURN OF AUTISMUS - and some tips

    HELL YEA!!! It's great to see you back man. I remember way back when I was starting out the game that you were a big help for me. I can happily say that I have reached new levels in my game, and now I'm really rocking the tar out of life.

    It will be awesome to have you contributing on the forums again man. Welcome back
    "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time." - Malcolm X

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    Default Re: RETURN OF AUTISMUS - and some tips

    hhahahahaha. I've been reading threads you've started i've never seen're so much funnier on here than on fb (Push/Pull) but seriously hhahaha and thanks for mentioning me and ahahhaha btw I write too shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    "The world will never change much less become what you want it to be. The only thing that can change is you. Face your fears, grow stronger and become what you want to be."

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