It's not strictly pick up, but still about social awareness so please bear with me.

Rarely it happens to have people that make their way through you by using their hands/arms or by by grabbing your arm.

Please no hate now, I like being natural and honest so don't attack me for it, it happens to be almost always Asians/Vietnamese around here.
I don't know why, maybe it's the fact that their sizable community is not very liked/integrated and they feel it and for the few that actually go out that's they way to react to it, but that's how it is.

Anyway, I'm a very friendly and nice person and prefer of letting things go rather than taking it personally, but it bugs me that people have to push other people aside by using their arms rather than just walk by.
Even doing it with your body, in a crowded place, is totally OK: people need to move in spite of the crowd, but making one's way with one's arms just feels rude.

This evening I was walking down the stairs of a club, slowly, and here it comes this guy that rather than waiting for his turn and/or moving aside and brushing his body, grabbed my arm.
I didn't say anything as he didn't push/move me, but I don't like being grabbed as it feels being bossed around and was thinking it's not cool to keep quiet when you feel someone is being rude: would you say something in those cases?