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Thread: Rooster's Sex Fundamentals

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    Default Rooster's Sex Fundamentals

    The reason I'm posting this topic is not just to impart my experiences in the sheets but to hopefully learn more from my fellow posters about my favorite subject. Sex.

    So if you have anything you'd like to teach I'm an apt student

    With that said....this is what I know.


    1)Emotions Are Key- emotions are contagious. If your horny she'll be. If you ravenous, she will be in return. Drop all insecurities let go and be fully expressive in bed. The fact that you let go and have no emotional walls up will even make the girl less defensive herself and will make it easier for her to cum. Women are super emotional and can be stifled in sex if you are.

    2)Rythym #inneedofspellcheck- for what ever reason when you are fucking a girl to a consistent pace it makes it easier for a girl build up. I like to change up the depth and power behind it during sex but often try to stick to a rythym

    3) penetrative + clitoral stimulation-this is obvi. You hit two spots of pleasure on a female. More pleasure.

    4) dont be predictable- girls hate nice guys bcuz why....cuz there predictable. Change things up. Be rough one time and nice and lovey dovey the next
    Be a man of many faces. If you do the same thing everytime Its like watching the same movie over and over. The first time it might be great but eventually it gets boring.

    Favorite Position

    -my favorite position as learned from my favorite author. Tucker max and further modified by me goes like this. Have the girl on her back. Face her. Put her legs over my shoulders and do dirty. It hits the gspot very cleanely. What I do differentely is I like to push the girls knees to her chest so I can. A-pace myself B-reach behind her, grqb her shoulders and use more thrusting force.

    I'm looking to learn and improve this skill set so obvi looking for others experiences or at least some hear say for me to try out and experiment with. I might update this post from time to time with more tips as I go and master this taboo skill set.
    "I've never seen anyone pull as quickly or as efficiently as you"
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    Default Re: Rooster's Sex Fundamentals

    I would add that the single key factor to good sex is good communication. I like to constantly do different things and talk to her to figure out what stimulates the girl the most. some girls like it rough while others want you to be more sensual and gentle.

    by asking her what feels good to her, it makes her feel more connected to you and makes the whole sexual experience better for her.
    my saying I go by is "if I can please her to my best ability, I know she will try her hardest to please me to the best of her ability"

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