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Thread: How to build confidence from within

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    Wink How to build confidence from within

    I'm no expert, I'll say it in most of my threads. If anybody has any constructive tips or corrections to be made they are appreciated.

    Building your inner Locust -

    Where does confidence come from? It comes from a few things I've found. This guide isn't the end-all for confidence, it's up to you and only yourself to provide yourself a good Mindset and in turn a good, natural frame. The most important I will say, and many will agree is confidence stems from your Inner Locust. This is what makes the difference between an alpha and a beta. It's looking in the mirror and being proud of the man you've become, regardless of what women or anybody says. By this I don't mean stop caring all together, you should be constantly improving but your happiness shouldn't be dependent on other people. How beta does it sound when you get shot down and you immediately start blaming yourself and putting yourself down. Don't do that anymore, brush it off and smirk like it never happened.

    It's time to begin a new chapter, you're no longer going to put yourself down and you will remain positive. Over time, you'll find that
    I want you to do something for me, you'll thank me for this later. Gather up 5 things you can be proud of and how they benefit your life. Here's an example by me

    1 - I'm a musician and I play in a band. It's great to be able to make people happy doing something I'm passionate about. I also know when I play Glycerine, panties will drop.
    2 - I rebuilt my 94 Jeep from a heap of scrap, I know my way around a vehicle and I don't let money stop me from having nice things.
    3 - I craft bows using only hand tools. Who in the hell makes bows? Somebody with patience, craftsmanship and intelligence
    4 - I am in good shape, I know when I take my shirt off girls cant help but blush and giggle.
    5 - I've traveled the country, with nothing but a backpack and a Guitar to my name. I've got balls, I have a taste for adventure and I've got a good story to tell.

    That's me, now it's your turn. If you don't AT LEAST have five things to be proud of, change that. Pick up a hobby, do something awesome, don't just sit there and let your potential be overcome by your fears.

    I wish you all the best of luck


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    Default Re: How to build confidence from within

    This is some good stuff for those looking for confidence. I like the bit on naming off the most positive traits about you.

    It's great to be confident in who you are, but a maximum amount of confidence, I believe, is a bad thing. The reason why people my age have such a hard time with helping others is because they don't really know how to give constructive criticism. They focus only on the negatives, and they will tear people down on it. Nobody realizes that they can do the same thing, but if they add in what that person did right, then it will motivate them, reinforce positive actions, and make them grow even better and further.

    I am a confident person, and I like to say I have a lot of it, but I avoid the point where I am overflowing with it. If one believes that he is perfection and the best he is, he will become stagnant and will cease to grow and become better. I am all about becoming better. That is why with everything that I do, even when I do it great, I will find at least one thing I did wrong or that I could have done better. That way, I am reinforcing positive habits, but I am also correcting and improving the weak ones. Self-constructive criticism: it works wonders

    In the end, this is pretty decent; a nice little exercise that anyone should do to find their strongest points. I can also see potential for an awesome rapport building routine in pickup.
    "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time." - Malcolm X

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