Here's a status report of what is going into "Project Iceshield" I am launching in about a month. Deadline being 10/06. Here's a brief update of what's going in there.

Part 1 "Inner Game" overview

Expansive Lists
Environments (target Rich Locals)
Openers (My best openers and new openers I will be using next year)
Texting (Umm an unconventional look, OMG this will be interesting)
Day 2's (Places to take her)
and more

Detailed Explanations
Will explain these concepts and provide the detailed explanations as well. Not sure how much will get to be put into it but my current vision is Part 1 "Inner Game", Part 2 "Outer Game" and Part 3 "Overall Game" being that part 3 is still pending as may not have enough ideas to go in. The reason I am doing this is to compile data and get my lists up so I myself can print them out and share them with the community as I will be rocking out these lists and have to keep writing stuff down to remind myself.

As a sidenote also I just bought a new game today Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix which is apart of my "Project Iceshield" Outer Game portion. Here's the tie in. I spent $40 on the game what I normally spend on a good night out to the Bars or Club. So I decided to take a 9 month break from going out and meeting women or dating in general. Spent $1,200 going out this year on women just decided to revamp since I was getting burnt out. Now I have a game opposed to having a fun night out at the Bar. This is Project Iceshield making a balanced approach to the Game. Now I have a game not a girl granted but many more games to come and when those are done guess what? I will own some serious crap! And girls will still be around. They ain't going anywhere. This is Project Iceshield I can take any approach I want. That's the path I choose to take. Getting started back up on girls in May or June next year.

There is a hint here if you can see the underlying theme. Say you only had $40 to spare. Game or girl? Dude game! That girl will cost $40 to find her going out, but don't forget another $40 on a date, and another $40 for a Concert with her, and another $40, etc. Those are just low end estimates lol. They expect YOU to pay and keep paying. That's uh women for you. My date never payed and didn't wanna pay. Never once offered to pay. Yeah she got dumped after asking um me to pay for champagne, a $70 Concert, and a $60 Dinner & a Movie date. I turned her down! I need to figure out this whole dating thing before talking to another girl. Be ready by next year pretty sure. That game however will never go away but that girl? Maybe gone in 2 or 3 days! Literally 7 games I am getting that are coming out next month. Assassin's Creed IV, Skylanders: Swap, Pokemon X, Rune Factory 4, Borderlands 2 GOTY, Zelda Wind Waker, Disgaea D2. Man that will be a good month! That's uggh $620 right there so I will be strapped not able to go out for a month right? Game or girl? Oh man game on! These girls can wait till next year!