I suck with giving names to my secret techniques.

Disclaimer: this might be something that already exists. I just discovered it, and wanted to share my discovery. If it's a well known technique, well, too bad.

Normal bounce:

You're having a date with a girl in Place A, and are trying to get her back home, but you are a bit far. So you bounce to Place B, that's a bit closer to your place, get some ice cream, then bounce to Place C, even closer to your place, get a beer, and then bounce to your place.

Efficient, effective, but a bit time consuming.

Bounce Overdrive:

Here is the situation. You're with a girl, but VERY far from your place. It's already quite late, the attraction is high enough that you're confident she's going home with you, and you realize you just don't have the time to bounce that much.

No problem! Multibounce her!

While in Place A, grab her hand and tell her "Oh, let's go to Place B, they have the best ice cream!" and take her with you. Chat her a lot during the trip, and a bit before arriving towards Place B, tell her "Oh, you know what? It's too late for ice cream, frak it. There is this great pub at Place C, I know the manager, and they have an awesome craft beer made there, let's go there!", and keep chatting her up. You miss Place B, but she doesn't care, because you're going to Place C. Do the same before Place C, to take her to Place D, and so on until you arrive near your place.

I took last week a girl like this, all along a whole subway line, from one end to another without stopping. You might have to stop once if it becomes too monotonous, but it will allow you to speed the process a lot

Have fun!