Hey everybody!

This is my first thread based on my experience in the field, looking for critiques, tips, or anything you suggest going out and trying.

So I hit up this university bar last night with some friends (were 20 years old btw). The place was packed so it was pretty hard to pick out some good HB's to go try my game on. After about an hour of cruising around the bar I decided to just go in for it on the next girl that caught my eye. I went in on a brunette 8 who was standing by the stairs by herself. My opener was the usual bullsh** Indirect Approach like "Who do you think lies more, girls or guys" just some way to spark a conversation. Tried this on a few others, I found this wasn't working too well, the girls losing interest in the conversation or what have you.

After a few failed approaches of the indirect variety I started trying some more direct approaches in the likeness of Brad Branson and Sasha Daygame. I found this style worked way better, showing the girls that a sexual attraction was my reason for approaching right off the bat really got them interested. The whole tonality and feeling entitled to the lady really boosted my ego in the whole situation as well (which I picked up off Brad). Also having no shame in the approach and just saying exactly what I was thinking when I saw the girl; for instance "Hey, you're super cute. What's your name?" went over great, they could really sense that there was no manipulativeness in the approach and it was genuine.

Long story short, for me, indirect approaches ended up in too much complication and an overall feeling that I was some weasel trying to sneak up on the girls. Super direct worked wonders ending in a couple N-closes and K/N-close with a hard 8 at the end of the night.

Open to any questions, critiques/tips, suggestions on methods, preferred approaches. Anything to help a mate continue taking his game to the next level.