Evening gentlemen.

I am writing this post as a reply to the one that says Love Songs are AFC Mindset!, I'd like to share my view on this.

To begin with, if the issue here is cheesy lyrics and a lack of deep meaning well then yeah, we should all stay away from the radio to avoid that. There's a ton of other music genres that work as an alternative for those of us who aren't big fans of the mainstream.

In my opinion, love songs shouldn't be implying any mindset. We shouldn't be looking for a certain kind of songs to define our mindset.
Yeah, I don't really need to listen to gangster rap to get in touch with my masculinity.

The word that I like to use instead is the word "mood". Different song kinds will reflect different moods, not mindsets. Songs aren't made to tell us what to do, they're merely someone's view on the subject (love in our case) and you can either relate to it or simply disagree.

Love songs' biggest audience could be AFCs, of course, they're the ones that are taking hits in the name of "love" the most (they don't know any better).
But that doesn't mean a PUA or simply any socially advanced person can't still relate to love songs and their simplicity sometimes.

We all need to acknowledge the fact that sometimes we just feel sad or nostalgic, it is completely normal and healthy.
Love songs can be a good trip for most of us when we go through such phases.

And finally, don't get me wrong! When I say love songs, I sure don't mean the commercial cheesy tracks that get released all around the world every summer.

Keep it real and stick to the good stuff.
Among my favorites (RAC - Lovefool (ft. Liz Anjos) - YouTube)