Lastly for my 3rd part in this series just wanted to further lay out my plans. Marvel's Phase 3 of Avengers 3 likely releasing around 2018-2019. Around the same time I will be launching my own Phase 3 of "Overall Game" which is my Inner Game plus my Outer Game. Basically by 2019 I should have My Body, My Ride, My Pad in order to begin an all out Call of Duty kill streak on some broads. Until then I have 5 years to prepare, plan, save, build, and amass massive amounts of crap and accomplishments. I will hopefully be able to buy my dream car a Ford Fusion w/rims and stereo cash down and be able to put myself up in my own place. Until then understand I am just going to lay low getting games, getting a PS4, PS4 games, Movies, etc so by the time I move out this time I will be ready to go years with a very low upkeep. Right now my upkeep is extremely high with massive amounts of games, movies, etc coming out this is why it is so seemingly expensive to go to the Bar and drop $40 a night.

But this is why I wait. Getting an iPhone as apart of Phase 1 of my Outer Game in about 8 months and then will be able to start tracking my stats and will stay an iPhone user to have Puatracker apps every year. So my numbers will be low because dating is expensive but once I launch myself into Phase 3 of Overall Game I will be taking out chicks to the core not holding back with a bunch of cheap forgettable dates. Then until then I will focus, on My Body, My Games, My Career, and saving for My Ride. In fact I just bought a new game today that's how rough it is right now. The next 5 years will be rough but just logged 67 hours at work last week. More to come in the coming weeks.