I am closing my other account out for Mackdaddyjack and now going to focus on continually building upon my previously laid foundation. Now that I am getting more in line with my vision for where I want to go and who I want to be I decided on Noctis Caelum from the upcoming game Final Fantasy XV. I recently dyed my hair black in honor of him and will likely often do that for when I am out gaming girls and need a change. Like I said I am on a 9 month break to get a bunch of new video games and have some time to play them. Still working on coming out with Project Iceshield Part 3 sometime in the near future but afraid it may get delayed as I have to focus on other things like Phase 1 next year of getting an iPhone for puatracking apps, a laptop for projects, and more stuff per usual.

This is a long term plan to better myself that having Game has taught me, it's not all about getting girls it's about self-improvement. Well I took another step toward with another new Video Game and once my list is done I can focus more on going out. But for now I am going to wait till that Annual Beer Festival next June to start back up.

I'll be back posting dome good field reports hopefully next year. But for now just enjoying working on my body, my wardrobe, video game collection, movie collection, and phone upgrade before I am ready to hit the yard again. I'll be trying some of my new openers I mentioned in Project Iceshield part 1 so people get ready next year I will be acting out Phase 1 which is My Body. This means I'll be working out, work on being dressed to kill, dye my hair, and have some tracking apps to see the progress I am making in Phase 1 of my plan and will be on here to report the findings.