As you might know if you've read my previous posts, my big issue in my game is my nightclub game. I have slowed down a bit on club game, as I already have enough on my plate, a gorgeous gf and 2 half-gfs that are all crazy into me, and more great girls around me than I do what to with.I have a big network, good game, and get laid quite a lot, but I've never done an approach.

UNTIL NOW. And it was ridiculously bad.

Yesterday night, at the club, big party, hot girls everywhere. And there is this one girl, clearly in the top 3 of the club on that night. Not even the hottest, but just beautiful. Like photoshopped in real life. All guys checked her out, as well as half of the girls haha.

Saw her passing a couple of time, and as usual, didn't do anything.

I realize later she is friend with some people I know, they dance together close from me, and as usual, I didn't do anything.

Later again, getting bored (and the gf was sending more and more dirty texts, had to go deal with that), I decide to leave. I see the group of friends, go say bye, see that Beautiful is hanging on the side, by herself. Again, I do nothing, I don't speak to her, and I leave.

And then, as I leave, I think "wait wait wait, she's one of the most beautiful girls you've seen, she knows someone you know, and she's by herself, that's the best situation ever, you're going to regret it so much if you don't do it"

But then, hey, that's still a ridiculously beautiful girl, and my first approach, and I don't have balls big enough. So I hover outside the main room for 5mn hesitating - and yes, I'm pretty sure she noticed, which is a huge dlv - and finally approach.

I try the classic "hey, I'm leaving but I thought you were beautiful, I would regret it so much if I didn't come say hi before leaving ", which is nice in daytime, but absolutely inadapted to the situation. It works well during the day, in a public space, on a girl that's not expecting to be approached. And I did it on a Friday night on a ridiculously hot girl in a club. How dumb is that? And on top of that she barely heard it (I have a foreign accent, so hard to understand what I say when it's loud, and she was not a native speaker either)

My body language was all over the place, I stood right in front of her (DLV), she had her back to the wall (she is in power), I came off as scared and not confident (which I was). And as I knew I was doing everything wrong, as I was freaking out more and more, and doing more things wrong.

I got supported a bit by the friend (bless him), we exchanged names, fist bumped, neg'd her a bit, and ejected. That was a huge fail.

And I felt awesome.

(I even gave ten bucks to a hobo outside.)

Because here is the big revelation I had: I was still alive. I did the wrong approach in the wrong way with the wrong girl in the wrong situation with the wrong body language, and nothing bad happened.

It was the worst approach ever, and it was just a bit awkward - and I don't give a flying fark about awkward. I didn't get shot down, she didn't throw stuff at my face or ignored me.

I heard the advice about "a failed approach is not as bad as you think" a hundred times, and read it a thousand times, but it's very different than experiencing it.

That was a huge shock for me, my mind is still blown. And this is a huge step in my training, as the biggest fear I had now doesn't seem as scary... and actually seems kind of fun. I'm still high on the adrenaline of that failed approach, and have been smiling all day.

So now, time for that guy to go approach everyone

Peace out guys, and may the Game be with you!