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    Default Terrified of Change

    Hey, guys. Take a second to read my story, if you'd please.

    Here's the scoop. I'm currently living in a small town in the south and attending a tiny community college. Now, my social life is decent, I suppose, but it's no where near where
    I want it to be. I'm 20 years old and have had sex with 8 girls, not bad but not too great. Here's the thing, though, only one of them was an 8, the rest were 7s or lower.

    My living situation is okay. I'm living with my best friend and his parents because recently my mother and sister moved to Utah to get back together with my father. He makes damn good money and they're extremely financially secure. I could have moved with them and was actually planning on it, but I backed out at the last second, and for only one reason.

    I'm extremely terrified that I'm not going to be able to make new friends and have a good social life in Utah.

    My life, I know would be extremely better there because if have a great job and a ton of family to support me, but I just can't get over this bump into head.

    I still feel to this day that the girls I've had sex with has come out of pure luck, and the same with the friends that I have. So, please any advice would be extremely appreciated!

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    Default Re: Terrified of Change

    Look, first ima need you to man up. Take that first sentence however you like then take a moment to move on.....

    You done. Now I don't understand your situation completely, there's something more left in translation, with that being said, for a man of your stature, accomplishments and such you want more and you just don't want to disappoint that more. You in a small two with adults running round all serious and you trying to figure you out.

    I don't think you are terrified of the change elsewhere but you maybe terrified In the change within you, this lifestyle demands social dynamics, makes you want to open, transition, Isolate, build rapport, attract. Sounds like to me you'll stepping onto a new playground to further expound on you skills, open you up little bit more, but maybe psychologically you're not ready for a different atmosphere.

    Ill give an example, last year my skills were tested in many ways, I was in a foreign country for over half a year. The people, atmosphere, and cultures were very different than what I was used to, my first question was how do I get to second base, how to get at her when she don't even understand me. It was strange, but I overcame and had the time of my life.

    Look forward in terms of progress, yes you may not have those same 8 in the next town, you have 8 more times100. It's easy to give into what you know but will you ever branch out that way? Don't let anything keep you from success and there is nothin lucky about s3x its about you acting on what you want. Give it a try ,what's the worse tat could happen.
    You can't miss something you've never had, but I can be sure she will regret her opportunity...

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