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Thread: Quick rant:This is why I appreciate the community

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    Post Quick rant:This is why I appreciate the community

    I want to speak about something on a side note and get everyone's input on it, and please no one take this as me preaching or being braggadocious.

    I've noticed that this practice, this art is more than just sweeping random women off of their feet, it's more than building attraction, comfort, and rapport in a stranger, it's moreso building it within oneself. I've learned a lot in the community and in the field and I've rarely heard anyone speak on whether or not the practice itself or some of the components of it have changed other aspects in their lives.

    I realized this when a guy came and thanked me for a hip pocket class just recently. One day at work this kid asked me how I attracted so many women, and that he'd seen me at functions and bars and wanted to know what I did or said to get the reactions I do. Another kid walked up and said "oh, he uses lines, he brain washed this other guy we work with into thinking it works and thats all he talks about now. That shit doesn't work." Not offended by it, I bet him it does better than he thinks. I told him to follow a series of instructions I gave him when approaching a woman, gave him a simple opener, told him to smile, look her in the eye, and ultimately have fun doing it. I told him to be confident and show that her response neither makes or breaks you. Finally, I told him not to be shy and talk to at least 3 women and I guarantee positive results.

    He took me up on my offer, a couple days later he walked up to me shook my hand and said "you were right." He told me he said the line exactly how I told him to one of the first girls he approached, kept eye contact and did everything to a T, he said not only did she give him her number, he went home with her, and now they are dating. I waited a while after to explain to him why it work and why it wasn't me who made it work, and how it was simple execution, confidence, and attraction that allowed him to apply the basic principles of pick-up.

    I couldn't take credit for that, because those principles are what got me started and are still helping me get to the next level of my game. I appreciate all the feedback and camaraderie this community has to offer, especially the ability to share and read some great reports and receive honest criticism.
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    Default Re: Quick rant:This is why I appreciate the community

    Haha I love this!

    That guy you bet probably is ok with girls already but just needed some solid guidelines. Your advice was simple and effective.

    That's the kind of thing we come here for, really. Lines and openers and routines work but mainly we need the encouragement to conquer our inner demons. As we progress, we realize that pickup has just reinforced what we already had inside us (alpha, confidence, intelligence etc)
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