I am working on a new Blog starting Summer. So right now I am on a bit of an overhaul on my Outer Game. If you don't know I am in Phase 1 of working on improving my Outer Game I decided to tone it down a bit and restrict my approaching to Summer (in this case June-Sept) till Phase 3 which will start to include Spring (2018-2019). This is a long project and even though the road ahead is arduous I will be out about twice every two weeks but "All Day" this is the first time I am starting to really get serious about my game and I am not sure I will be able to confine it all here as I usually just give highlights. However I thought about it and during Summer sure I'll have some random one-offs for Beer Festivals and Holiday Events but more importantly I will be out approaching day and night for two days strait (Thur & Fri) will start at the Water Parks and Malls and will end at the Bars and Clubs. It will be a rough ride so I will be providing details with my blog as well as FR's on here when Summer is here. In there I will be posting pretty much the details of each target location throughout the day and throughout the night and posting my texting and dating results of viable targets. It should prove to be interesting but may have to keep some details secret due to privacy concerns. It will be about both my failure and success so I'm really looking forward to it. I will be posting openers and such in there as well so it would also include details of how texting is going, if I do any Gym openers, what my field trips are like to venues, etc.

There is a number of reasons why this may work. I am getting really good at my Night Game but need to work on my day game so this is still a learning process for me. My Night Game should get better and my Day Game should start to take off. The second is I have continually held back but looking forward to next year with a "no holds barred" approach and some qualifying in there as well. Regardless of the success of any one interaction thus resulting in a GF I will continually go out because right now for me Marriage is not the "in" thing and in fact for many people "Divorce" is the "in" thing after they bought into the hype "everybody is getting married and it's the right thing to do so..." so I am holding off. By doing this I will not commit myself exclusively to any one female and in fact continue to go out and approach even right after a date or a hookup. I will essentially have multiple GF's or at least have a GF but still be out hooking up and dating other women. Many women hate this about men how they won't or can't commit but then fail to realize they can't live up to their own double standards since even though they preach Marriage they parade around Divorce. Both my aunts were divorced 4-5 times and it was due to them "not the man". Essentially I don't think a lot of beautiful women can live up to marriage and though I would stick through it thick and thin my greatest fear is the woman divorcing me and not the other way around. They do this to get the man's money, or to raise the kids then jet, they are having an affair, they didn't realize "this won't work" sooner, or to get another man, he is not a good enough "spiritual leader", he is boring, he is not the man she "thought" she married with him buying boats, playing video games all day, etc.

Not bashing Marriage just aiming for it in my 40's and not in my 30's. I think this is due to a number of factors. I am not yet into full maturity, still often broke, still love playing the game, not ready to settle down, etc. I think is amounts to a manner of wisdom since many Marriages are rushed (by Society's whimsical fairytales and teaching) so it is no wonder "Happily Ever After" usually doesn't end up quite so happy (My Sister regrets it and wished she Married a "Hot Guy" and almost divorced and still pity her even though she is Married to a soon to be six figure husband/Doctor). Essentially I am going to make myself happy before trying to make anyone else happy (Divorce rate at 50%). But yes my ideal would be Marriage in my 40's no need to jump on the bandwagon just because it gets crammed down our throat constantly. At the very least I will save myself a few extra divorces and have a lot more thrills and chills in the meantime. This is the key many people miss. Once you are Married that's it. No more hooking up, no more wild parties approaching multiple women, etc. I think many people forget that and they can tone it down with "This won't work out" or whatever but in the end I think they miss the freedom and are sick off the doldrum Work, Home, Church, Marriage routine. They miss the "excitement" the "adventure" of meeting "potential dating material" and have already seen the end and want to start a new story which is why often times sadly Divorce ends not in a Man being an Unfaithful but in a Man living in his Man Cave which should be perfectly fine but women resent them for it and wish they would "be better men" this is why many men are startled to find their beautiful wife they Married was first a Nag then an Ex-Wife. It happens daily 1 year later, 2 yrs later, 5 years later, 7 years later, 10 years later. I just don't think Women can cut it when it comes to Marriage. They nag us now about our approach or about our technique or about our texts or about our words why do you think anything would change in Marriage? Many things change but somethings do not. Patterns exist and I think many people are blinded by the promising "though" eluding truth that Marriage can offer an element of an escape from reality. Something to Day Dream about. This is why I wait since I want everything to be perfect there is no reason to rush it when everything would be ruined. I can't get Married till I can have my Dream Wedding and be a Dream Husband and if women think they can tie me down they got another thing coming. This is why I will blog much to say and much to do.