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    Default Superman Pt. 2 "Facing my Kryptonite-Outer Game"

    As most of you know I have been struggling with this concept of Outer Game for a while and recently it really struck a chord with me so much so that Pick Up will become apart of my life for life but right now it is killing me. I was hit hard by my Kryptonite as I had no way of knowing how to handle all of my weird logistics. I have often sought advice on here for my situation about living at home with my Mom, being 50 miles away from the big city, being in massive debt and if or when I should stay in the Game. I got plenty of good advice but never really any direction that I could get from here. Knowing this was a difficult decision I decided to stick to approaching in the Big City during the Summer only however I ran into this girl's profile on POF and it changed my perspective. There is this 10 on POF, FB, and from the Bar I have known of quite a while. I don't actually know her since we only talked on FB a few times and I was being played by her best friend at the time and stuck on her friend when we were at the Bar in the Big City.

    Anyways she can be a little less than well pleasant to say the least. On her FB she rants and rants about how she is the hottest thing around and that no guy could ever get her. I joked about this with her on FB and called the man she wanted "Superman" since she makes so many demands.

    Here's the HB10's list of her demands
    *Has to be a Broncos and Football fan (girls only do this because of guys)
    *Has to be buff
    *Has to be successful
    *Tattoos are much more preferred
    *Have very good photos where you are not always in the mirror
    *Has to live in the Big City
    *Can't live with Mommy

    Now this just further reinforces my belief I keep hearing from beautiful women (they want guys Buff). But that's not even the start of it with this one. All in all know off hand I am not oneitis for this chick or in love with her but I do certainly appreciate her because she further proves my belief that women can be demanding and they don't want some guy who sits on the couch all day playing video games. She further proves what a woman would want out of a relationship. Now I know this chick is completely pyscho and full of herself because she has a fake rack, very much in shape, has 3,000 followers on FB and complains all the time her inbox is flooded daily with guys hitting on her. Granted the nature of online dating this issue is compounded opposed to real world interaction. I have very few women telling me to get buff in the real world but very many in the online world. I don't think it's that online is different just that we get to see more of their personality. The thing of it is we could be subjective and say she is just pyscho but I think most beautiful women are this way, very demanding. I have come to accept it as fact and not something confined to a particular female since I contiously hear about guys getting buff, girls liking football, guys can't live with Mommy, tattoos are sexy, etc. So it's not just her. She is just the female with the guts to put it all out there and very honest with what she wants.

    "Being Down To Earth"
    What does this mean and how to proceed? Well this girl I'm talking about said "If you can't take a girl out to a nice dinner and know she is your soulmate right away you don't deserve to date and should focus more on work and less on dating." This statement brought me down to earth and back to reality. I made this big huge plan for next Summer and every Summer to travel 50 miles to the Big City and pay for all these hotels, drinks, water park passes, dates, Clubs, Bars, etc. Essentially I would be spending close to $1,500 easy each year not including Day 2's! But why? For a little validation, a few GF's, and get laid? What for? What purpose would it serve? How would that work? With a GF 50 miles away and me working 6 days a week? How would that work with me having to be back at my friend's house? Will he get jealous? Offended? Will he give me a spare key? Because it's so expensive won't I end up not taking cabs because I am cheap and then driving drunk? What then? What if I get a 5-0 on my tail? What of my dreams then? What if I get really good and get an STI? What then? What if I get a GF and because I am going out so much too broke to keep it going? What then?

    In essence I think I talk a big game but not really ready to live it out. So I came up with a new plan that this girl helped inspire. Not going to be travelling to the big city as if I can't be responsible enough to not drink and drive I don't derseve to go out. Plus I will be working less, therefore making less, therefore dating more, therefore working even less, seeing a bit of a pattern here? Essentially I will be sacrificing far too much for far too little. All that hassle just to get laid man? Isn't there an easier way? Yes and this girl inspired it.

    "Back to Reality"
    Girls are fickle man. The Lawyer girl told me "it was devastating we weren't neighbors" she said because I lived 20 min away "How will this work out?" that was a little extreme but me being 50 miles away how do you think she would have felt then? Probably would have rejected me since I still got the Lawyer's number however if I said 50 miles that may have been a dealbreaker. The thing of it is I don't think me in my current situation with my Mom is going to work out.

    "The Name of Game"
    Did 100 sets this year and I learned what I need to and now have a fashioned a new plan to pay of my debt by 2014, pay off my car 2015 (two payments a month), and save for a new car 2016. By 2017 I should have my dream car, be out of debt, have a good movie collection, game collection, decent wardrobe, nicer body, have some tatts (after getting buff), etc. This is essentially the name of the game. Sure I am not ragging on you guys for however you want to do things I just noticed Inner Game bores the ever living crap out of me and as most my issues are resulting from money and Outer Game I think I should just focus less on dating like she said and more on work. This will enable me by giving up the Summer Game for now to work more, save more, date less save even more, and accomplish my Outer Game projections.

    "Walking the Line"
    2017-2018 is when I should be fully ready to be moved into the Big City with all my goals completed of being buff, having tatts, having a decent wardrove, dream car, etc. By then I can finally explore my Epic Summer Approach blow outs of Water Parks, Amusment Parks, Indoor Malls, Outdoor Malls, Bars, Clubs, Holiday Events, etc without holding back as I will be able to actually afford a cab to drink responsibly as I will move somewhere close to the Bars. By then I will be more responsible by not drinking and driving which is the right thing to do and won't risk losing my job, car, etc just for being stupid. There is no point in doing that when I willingly set myself up for failure of a possible DUI which at this point would possibly ruin my life.

    "The Conclusion"
    I am not taking myself out of the Game so....
    I came up with a plan. My Superman project getting everything I want and need like I said should be done by 2017-early 2018 and it would be way too complicated to be dating someone 50 miles away so I'll move where all the fresh talent is at and go to them rather then them come to me. I should be back on my own by the time I am 34-35 yrs old. By then I should have everything to focus pretty much soley on getting my Inner Game tighter than all heck. But since I am not wanting to retire I decided to start over when I move there. But since I don't want to retire and learned how to approach women already I will just switch to approaching local women at my Gym, Stores, Indoor Malls, Hair Stylists when I am out and about (already). I will work my new Sets into my current schedule of what I am already doing and if no hot chicks at my Gym will switch Gyms, will switch hairstylists, and just get a GF that way to keep myself in the Game while I am preparing for the Final Hour. The Final Hour won't come till I move and will be a long wait but it's the Journey not the Destination and I would hate to explain why I am broke, poor, can't date because I wasted a bunch of time and money travelling to the Big City when I should have waited. Essentially my issues stem mostly from not having money so I am just going to focus on that by cutting back and will still atend local events like the annual Beer Festival 15 miles from me there to keep my skills up to speed while I wait the agonizing 4-5 years. But at least I can find some girls in my area! As I have seen some stunners at the stores, Gym and thought it's time to start approaching randoms and I think the women will thank me for it as we will be more compatible living closer. I will be a PUA for life until I get married in my 40's or late 30's. That's all for now sorry to disappoint but going all out on the Big City when I am not in the Big City just sounds like a waste of time right now. If I had the money I would move there in a heartbeat but being that I am in sever dire straits don't see it happening anytime soon but here's to hope! Good luck out there for those already living the dream.
    101 Sets, 30 #'s, 4 K-closes, 1 Date, 1 Bar Pull. My next adventure starts Summer 2014 at the Brewfest, Water Park, Bars, Clubs, etc. Getting Hotels now to prevent driving drunk so really only 2-3 times a month doing Night Game June-Oct. Lots of Day Game.

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    Default Re: Superman Pt. 2 "Facing my Kryptonite-Outer Game"

    Well, you know what... I read that! Couple thoughts:

    I like that you have a plan. Hopefully you can keep up with it. As from my experience, one important thing is to not try to have too much of an ascetic style of life. I used to be in a really shitty situation (homeless, unemployed, and illegal immigrant), and was trying to get out of it by not spending any money. And then by a twist of fate I got money, and didn't worry too much about what I was spending... and actually ended up spending less than when I was not spending anything haha. Because not spending anything for yourself is tough psychologically, you're not happy, and you end up spending a ridiculous amount of money on something stupid, which you wouldn't have done if you had just bought yourself a beer or a good meal from time to time

    Also, you seem pretty focused on Outer Game. While it's good, I just want to insist that it's actually less important than Inner Game. It helps, it actually improves your Inner Game a bit, but Inner game is more important. Tattoos might help being confident, but confidence itself is more important than the tattoos. As I said, I used to be homeless, and also incredibly skinny (eating one meal a day didn't help haha), which is terrible for Outer Game, but I still managed to score a fair amount. Bad Outer Game is a handicap, but not a deal breaker. It was only a deal breaker with the most shallow girls (who I am not interested in anyway) or the really high end girls (who can afford to wait for guys with as much confidence/game than me AND more money/looks)

    Btw, the fact you managed to build a plan like that is awesome, and you should feel proud of it. Especially if you manage to follow it, get confidence and inner game from knowing you can devise a plan and follow it.

    And finally, it seems you got it already, but I want to insist on it too: keep practicing! These skills go away quick if not used, and it would suck for you to finish your plan, be buff, stable, in the city, and with no skills. So keep interacting with as many women as you can, go out close from your place, meet new people, and so on. You seem to be planning to do it already, but I wanted to point out that it is a really important point

    ANyway, good luck with your journey, man!
    Seduction is a martial art. Reading books and talking to experts is important, and helpful. But you won't progress unless you go out there and fight.

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