Getting older and Getting colder: The Way of the PUA

After hearing about all this divorce ravaging our country daily I am more and more confident about hooking up and having fun till I decide to tie the knot way later in life like in my 40's. Looking back on the interactions I had this year I noticed a key similarity. HB's are ice cold man, strait ice cold. This is what is making me an Ice Cold Mack for the Ice Cold Females. Like not caring, letting the HB's go. I heard a crazy story by Coach Corey Wayne about how he simply asked an HB how she was and she started following him around and stopped right in front of him while he was in Set with another girl. This reminds me of the time a girl blew me out saying she was with her girl and I told her that was a bad answer as in Ice Cold and then said Have Fun as in going Hot & Cold. She started following me around because I gave up walking away and she followed me all around the frickin Club trying to hookup with me at the door like she waited for me at the stairs. I then decided to let it go for next year when I go out next Summer. My Mission begins at the Beer Festival in June and then going to buy a Water Park season Pass along with the Bars & Clubs. All in all it's going to be a crazy year and I'll be swimming in numbers, swimming in HB's, swimming in GF's and will be trying a lot of stuff out. Will try switching Gyms with more girls. Will try opening randoms in the stores who are checking my diggs. I was just thinking today "these girls want to play hardball, let's play hardball!" So I am going to get some head bandanas, working on getting in shape for Summer, going to go tanning for my Summer Tan, my wardrobe is coming along nicely. Rocking out my Dinosaur Hair and I look like a Hero in the Night. But the tatts will have to wait till my body stabilizes around 200lbs as I am only 175lbs and I don't want to stretch it out. So likely no tatts next year but it's all about the baby steps to success. Taking a little piece here and a little piece there then who knows? Maybe I'll be 190lbs by Summer since I can barely work out now but 2-3 days a week since working 60+ hours for the last 4 months strait with only 1 day off. But it's all to prepare for next year. I have all the games I need for now and there is another big release overload in Feb-April so by June I will have money to be going all out as in the Clubs, Bars, Water Park, Outdoor Malls, Indoor Malls, Holiday Events, Pool Parties, and Beer Festival. All in all it's going to be sick and I will be looking sick. The girls dropped their jaws last time when I had a little swagger but Outer Game is so important to me and they have NO CLUE what's coming.

I am going to be getting so much better at my Outer Game it's uncanny. But it's not all about looks. It's going to take a lot of work. But if I want to do something big in life this is it. I will be getting my first motel in preparation of the Game and will be getting Hotels and being responsible by not drinking and driving when I go out. I am 30 yrs old going on 31 and the girls in the Club I am attracted too think I am too young lol. So I used to wonder what age should I stop Clubbing? But I am just going by what other people do and apparently 42 is around the group when most people stop going and move on. So essentially I am getting older and getting colder. This year I was looking for a wife but next year I am looking for a GF, FWB, Sugar Mommy, or anything like that. But I am going to do it the right way this time and make girls buy me things and make them pay for stuff. Not only that but I will be purposely planning texting HB's while I am on dates to try and up the tension and set the tone "Hey I am a High Value Man and I got choices". I think the biggest mistake was putting all my eggs in one basket and focusing on that one girl to be my GF and not trying to create any jealousy between ranks. But I thought about how random is great I am going to be more random from here on out. When I get rejected I will tell them I'll be back for the re-open and set the tone early. Also this way when I am on dates and set the tone I have multiple women in my life I won't feel like I am cheating on her with other women's attention and make her fight for my attention and knowing I will be more high value I will be able to make them ask me to be exclusive so she is chasing me and not the other way around. This is the way it used to be back in the day. I am going to change things back to the way it should be with the girls chasing me and fighting over who gets a crack at me. I may be stuck in my head but this is my downtime to reflect before I act. And next year I am going to be taking a lot of action. So stick around it's going to get louder and I am about to rip the roof off this thing. And maybe I am all talk but I have thrown down some hardcore killer action in Set now I just want to soak up the moment more and live like no one is watching. This is the way of the PUA, I am single and going to keep it that way till I get my Outer Game down. I am going to try and nail down every technique in the book Hot & Cold, Push-Pull, Isolation, Bounces, Pulls, K-closes, N-closes, F-closes, Qualification, Compliance Testing, dhv, Jealousy Plotlines, Timebridges, Pivots, etc. I will be focusing on one technique each day & night I go out and then try to bring it all together for one rounding send off into becoming a true fearless, heartless, Alpha Dog PUA. And that begins by acting like a thug like this ain't my first rodeo and I am going to break open the doors to their glass houses and travel through the Smoke & Mirrors till I can open anything and everything and make it WORK. It can work and I am determined to blow this wide open and come back to tell you exactly when and how this happened. Be ready next year the journey to greatness begins of becoming the Man of Desire, the Man of Mystery, the PUA. So I will be playing hardball on conquering aa and be working smarter not harder.