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Thread: Anyone ever deal with a buzzkill?

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    Default Anyone ever deal with a buzzkill?

    Guys I'm curious about your thoughts.

    Basically, has anyone ever dealt with an attractive girl who is a buzzkill? A girl who, through no fault of her own, just kills high energy.

    Like I gave the GF test to her (see Suave Kino about that) she thought it was fun but overthought every answer so much she killed the mood. Or another time, I snuck up behind her while she was talking and put on an ugly face to scare her. She turns, shows absolutely no emotion and says she was wondering who was behind her... Effectively no reaction whatsoever. Also if I get a laugh in the group, she will piggyback off my joke and be so corny she will kill the group's fun.

    Like is she just a ditz? She's kinda hot and I don't see her enough to know what she's like but she just seems so weird. I neg and she gives ioi all the time but I don't know if it's my technique or she is just dumb lol
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    Default Re: Anyone ever deal with a buzzkill?

    I know a couple of different girls like that. For the most part it was just me over thinking things. There's a ton of women out there with a ton of different personalities, and it's all about finding the ones you can connect with. Yes, those women are buzzkills, but that is my opinion of them. I'm sure there are other people who find them, dare I say, regular...

    It's definitely your technique producing the ioi's. I don't think you're actually negging her, I think you're just more or less joking on her which comes off as fun.

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