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    Post Foreign Girls Lounge

    So i'm currently in the navy travelling the world for a few years going from one place to the other and im currently stationed in asia, right now japan, later on places like Thailand, Vietnam, korea, and so on. my wingman got moved to Bahrain, so now im sarging alone, which is tough to do thanks to the language barrier. I wanted to start a lounge where PUA's could share their experiences, tips, and words of wisdom when dealing with foreign girls. Right now, since im in japan, im dealing with Japanese girls who don't know a lick of English, and if they do, they like to play you and say they don't. last night, I was sarging a 4-set when a Japanese guy cut in and started to talk Japanese to one of the girls I was sarging, stealing her from the set, and I want to learn how to prevent that from happening, because as a PUA, that was pretty embarrassing for me. im going to Tokyo soon for a party one of my sets invited me to, where I have to get sets, seeing as how Japanese people like to get crazy for new year's. any advice when dealing with foreigners? right now, im relying on body language and magic openers, or just the American tourists you see around here pretty often. im not very enthusiastic about sarging in Thailand, however. ive been told that if a girl is too pretty, shes not a girl. sounds like fun...?


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    Default Re: Foreign Girls Lounge

    Best way I know to handle this kind of things is to immediately befriend the guy. When he starts speaking to one of the girls, immediately go "Heeeyy buddy! How is it going, I'm Bob!" (with some japanese words if you can). Tell him to sit down, engage him, and so on. If he follows, it shows you're the boss, and if he doesn't, it shows he's rude.
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